Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team to line adult with Eugene Laverty and Loris Baz in a 2022 WorldSBK.

Munich. The Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team und BMW Motorrad
Motorsport have set a march for a entrance deteriorate in a FIM
Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK). The group will enhance its
impasse in 2022 and will run dual BMW M 1000 RR in a future. In
a saddle will be dual obvious WorldSBK riders: Eugene Laverty
(IRL) and Loris Baz (FRA).


35-year-old BMW works supplement Laverty has been racing in WorldSBK since
2011 and enters his third deteriorate with BMW Motorrad Motorsport in 2022.
Baz also comes with copiousness of WorldSBK experience: The 28-year-old
Frenchman rode a BMW S 1000 RR in WorldSBK in 2018. Baz done his
Superbike World Championship entrance in 2012 and started in a series
for 3 years, before switching to MotoGP from 2015 to 2017. He then
returned to WorldSBK. In a 2021 season, Baz has been roving in
MotoAmerica though has also tender on a series of outings in WorldSBK.
His WorldSBK record to date: dual wins and 20 podiums. Baz will now be
a BMW works supplement in a 2022 season.


Jonas Folger (GER), who lined adult in WorldSBK with a Bonovo MGM
Racing group in 2021, will be looking for a new plea after what
has been a formidable deteriorate for him. The team-work in a WorldSBK
has been consummated by mutual consent.




Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad: “The Bonovo
movement BMW Racing Team is an critical partial of a WorldSBK project
and we are unequivocally looking brazen to heightening a cooperation.
Jürgen Röder’s and Michael Galinski’s group brings a lot of commitment
and passion for engine racing to a FIM Superbike World Championship.
The fact that this BMW group is now expanding and will line adult with two
BMW M 1000 RR is an critical step for a group and BMW Motorrad
Motorsport’s whole WorldSBK project. The group is well-positioned
entrance into a new season, with dual bureau bikes and BMW works
riders Eugene Laverty and Loris Baz. We are looking brazen to tasting
success together in a 2022 WorldSBK!”


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
march is set for a successful second deteriorate together for BMW Motorrad
Motorsport and a Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team in a WorldSBK. The
group and we have gained a lot of knowledge in a initial year of our
cooperation, and that now forms a basement as we continue to move
brazen together. The dual riders starting for a Bonovo movement BMW
Racing Team also underline a ambition. We are unequivocally gratified that
Eugene Laverty stays a partial of a BMW works supplement family and lines
adult with us in his third season. Although a 2021 deteriorate was not
always easy for him, he showed a lot of quarrel and was unequivocally committed
to a project. At a same time, we are gratified to have Loris Baz on
board. Having spent a deteriorate on a BMW S 1000 RR in 2018, he is now
partial of a BMW works supplement family. Loris has some-more than tender on
his WorldSBK outings this season. We are assured that, with their
ability and experience, Eugene and Loris will assistance pierce a Bonovo
movement BMW Racing Team forward. We would like to appreciate Jonas Folger.
It is a contrition that his entrance deteriorate in WorldSBK did not play out as we
were all hoping. However, he and a group never gave adult and always
worked hard. We are unequivocally beholden to him for that untiring commitment.”


Jürgen Röder, Team Owner Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team:
“I am vivacious that we are streamer into a subsequent year as a
clever BMW Team and that dual tip riders like Eugene Laverty and Loris
Baz will be in a saddle of a Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team bikes.
The idea is for a dual BMW teams to concur even some-more closely. It
is good for us to have dual clever riders on board. Particularly
Eugene, who has been on a BMW for a few years, is an extremely
methodical rider, and provides feedback that can be excellently
incorporated in a serve growth of a bike. He knows all the
structures during BMW, and who he needs to hit and when, and is
apparently a good further to a team. we consider 28-year-old Loris is a
good immature rider. We have seen what he is means of. He has done
good in MotoAmerica, has returned to World Superbike and has achieved
some unequivocally considerable results. It is a genuine godsend for me to have
someone like him in a team. we consider we have a genuine possibility of
consistently finishing in a tip 10 with both riders subsequent season.
That is apparently a genuine item for a whole BMW family. At this
point, we would like to appreciate Dr. Markus Schramm and Marc Bongers again
for integrating us so closely in a BMW structure. We will do
all we can to live adult to this payoff that has been bestowed
on us. At a same time, we would like to appreciate Jonas Folger for his
commitment. He showed good impression when came to me and pronounced that he
would not be means to supplement anything to a group in 2022, and that he
would not be holding adult my choice of stability together in WorldSBK. I
find that impossibly impressive. We still have a unequivocally good
relationship, and that will sojourn a case.”


Michael Galinski, Team Manager Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team:
“We are gratified to be means to take this step together with
Jürgen Röder, and are unequivocally unapproachable of a dual riders. In Eugene Laverty
and Loris Baz we have dual glorious riders. Loris has started in many
classes, such as MotoGP and Superbikes, on many different
manufacturers’ bikes, including BMW and Yamaha. He recently showed
what he is means of during a competition in Portugal: dual third places as a
haven supplement is no meant feat. We are unequivocally gratified to have him on
board. Eugene has been somewhat next standard this year, as he was unable
to float for a prolonged time. He is a good growth supplement and will help
us to rise a bike together with BMW. All in all, we are now on
equal balance with a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. They also have two
high riders on a bike, in Michael outpost der Mark and Scott Redding.
Loris, as a third high guy, will be means to minister to the
growth in this regard. Eugene is not utterly as tall, but
but we are all relocating in a same instruction together. We are
looking brazen to a entrance season!”


Eugene Laverty: “I’m unequivocally happy to continue with BMW
Motorrad and join a Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team for a 2022 World
Superbike season. It is illusory to sojourn in a BMW WorldSBK
family. The past 6 months have been tough for me as a supplement and so
I’m unequivocally beholden for a continued support and faith from everyone
concerned in this project. I’m unequivocally encouraged to repay that faith in my
abilities and we feel assured that following a plain winter testing
debate we can arrive prepared and rival during turn one.”


Loris Baz: “I am unequivocally happy to be behind in WorldSBK
so we wish to appreciate BMW and a Bonovo movement BMW Racing Team for
giving me this opportunity. we consider that we have shown during these two
rounds in Spain and Portugal that we have a gait to quarrel during the
front in this championship. BMW is a code that grew a many in the
second partial of a season. we have closely watched how a bike was
improving. we have been racing with BMW before so we know a lot of
people there and also, we have been competing with MGM Racing for one
competition behind in 2012. we am unequivocally happy and unequivocally vehement about this
event and am looking brazen to perplexing a bike and to starting
to work together with a group and BMW. Thanks again to all a people
concerned in this project.”