BMW Welt hosts One Young World Summit

Munich, 27 Jul 2021 – More than 2,000 young
professionals from over 190 countries came together over a weekend
both physically and probably during a One Young World (OYW) Summit to
plead tellurian amicable hurdles and opportunities for sustainable
business, with a idea of operative together to find solutions.


The thesis of this year’s limit was “Innovation”, as practical to
topics such as a meridian crisis, leisure and polite rights, and
education. A series of high-profile guest from a worlds of
business, politics, society, competition and enlightenment supposing a young
people with recommendation and inspiration, among them Nobel Peace Prize
leader Professor Muhammad Yunus, thespian and romantic Bob Geldof, and
former footballer Hope Solo. More than 60 BMW Group representatives from
locations around a universe were comparison to attend a OYW Summit in Munich.


“Working during a BMW Group means holding responsibility”

As a longstanding believer of OYW, a BMW Group took advantage of
a purpose as this year’s co-host to inspire participants to seek
solutions and pull for indispensable changes with their possess ideas and
projects. “Each and each one of us can play a partial in creation the
economy some-more sustainable. And we have a good reason for being confident
that we can grasp this huge transformation: namely, our
employees,” remarkable Ilka Horstmeier, Member of a Board of Management
of BMW AG obliged for Human Resources and an OYW Counsellor, at
a large shutting rite on Sunday during BMW Welt. “The reason for my
confidence is employees like Evelin Hartmann and Florian Kantop,”
Horstmeier added. The dual gifted immature people from a MINI design
group and a chair growth dialect set themselves a idea of
anticipating a tolerable and recyclable choice to leather seat
covers. With a assistance of their colleagues, they grown a design
judgment for a 100 percent recyclable chair cover that produces over 99
percent reduction CO2 emissions than required leather covers. “Along
with seats, a teams are also holding a closer demeanour during vehicle
components such as a building trim, case and headliner. There is
copiousness of intensity there!” betrothed a dual when presenting their
plan on a OYW theatre during BMW Welt.


The BMW Group’s other OYW representatives have further recognized this
intensity – and, in line with a United Nations’ Sustainable
Development Goals, are also assisting to make a universe a small better
by their projects. They collect and recycle PVC bits from
manufacturing, make backpacks and toilet bags from aged factory
uniforms, and support schools in South Africa with solar energy
storage units done from used high-voltage batteries.


“It’s adult to us to take responsibility”

“It’s adult to us to take responsibility,” says Ilka Horstmeier.
Thinking tough about a destiny and actively moulding it currently is thus
not usually a running element of a OYW organization though is also
strongly anchored in a alertness of a BMW Group.
Far-sightedness and amicable shortcoming can even be called hallmarks
of a BMW Group. This also includes charity committed young
professionals a height for formidable and constructive discussions
about solutions for a future. “We contingency essay to rise a common
picture of a multitude – as a people-centred multitude that balances
solutions to environmental and amicable problems with economic
progress,” according to Horstmeier.


The four-day One Young World Summit is hold in a opposite city each
year. The horde city in 2022 will be Tokyo.


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The BMW Group

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