“A quantum jump for flexible driving”: a RS Torque Splitter

Mr. Diessner, Mr. Stippler, what was a routine for we to work together on a growth and tuning of a RS torque splitter?

Meic Diessner: Frank is impossibly critical to us in this process. He has a lot of experience, generally on a Nürburgring. That creates feedback from him wilful for a tuning and generally for a torque splitter. I’m there on site for a tests and we also expostulate myself as partial of a three-week continual run. we supply a automobile with measuring record and review a information with a feedback we get from Frank so that we can make changes if needed.

Frank Stippler: In further to my knowledge and my ability to expostulate cars fast, my training as an automobile automechanic and my grade in automatic engineering also help, of course. This allows me to make clarity of a feedback from a automobile immediately so we can pass it on to Meic. At a same time, he understands what we meant when I’m articulate about a feedback a automobile is giving me on a track.

What’s some-more important: a dimensions information or a feedback from a growth driver?

Meic Diessner: The information and a impressions from Frank are used equally in tuning a torque splitter. The feedback from a racing motorist is unequivocally critical since he is during a tip boundary out on a racetrack. The dimensions record helps me to change certain parameters formed on Frank’s descriptions. The one does not work though a other.

What does a torque splitter feel like in a RS 3 prototype? And since was it put in?

Frank Stippler: In general, a automobile is most some-more flexible in a pushing from a center of a bend to a finish and also when accelerating out of a curve. All-wheel expostulate cars have good tracking stability, though they tend to understeer during a unequivocally tip limits. We were looking for a resolution that would minimize that behavior. The torque splitter distributes some-more weight onto a back axle. With it, a automobile develops a pushing energetic that oversteers. And that’s where a Audi expostulate name complement comes in, that helps scale that bent formed on use, highway conditions and particular preferences. We can get unequivocally quick in RS Performance mode, a mode for circuit pushing that is designed generally for semi-slick tires. For me, a RS torque splitter is a quantum jump in terms of flexible driving.

How accurately did Frank Stippler’s commentary upsurge into a tuning?

Meic Diessner: That is of march mostly during a dual continual runs of 8,000 kilometers any on a Nürburgring. These extended exam runs play an critical purpose during growth in practicability – and so also a sequence roll-out of a torque splitter.

Which parameters can still be altered during these tests?

Meic Diessner: In general, a program gets some-more and some-more formidable during development. This has to be blending for a accessible pushing modes – from automobile to RS Torque Rear, that allows tranquil flapping on sealed circuits. In practice, that means Frank drives, gives us feedback. We adjust and take turns pushing – until it’s usually right.

When is it energetic to have reached series-production readiness?

Frank Stippler: You rise a clarity for that over time. we move in my opinion, since I’m during a comprehensive tip extent with a automobile and have an thought of what business wish from this car. When Meic and we are on a same page after exam drives, afterwards that reinforces an altogether design that we have done of a characteristics of a torque splitter. And that has to be unchanging for everybody concerned in a development. The North Loop contrast drift are generally critical in this process. The RS 3 antecedent covers a extended spectrum that appeals to sporty drivers. Customers who don’t expostulate on a racetrack or usually do so seldomly are also taken into consideration.

How intelligent is a torque splitter?

Meic Diessner: It recognizes, for example, if a highway is soppy or dry. So a motorist doesn’t have to change a mode. That means that a automobile automatically reacts differently in RS Performance mode it a highway is soppy than it would when it is dry. The motorist also advantages from a variability of the RS torque splitter all a approach to a tip speed. So they always have quattro expostulate when it is needed.

Why is it critical in a automobile tuning not usually to be fast?

Frank Stippler: Because we wish to know how a hardware and wiring work together in any probable pushing situation. In short, to have an eye on a altogether technical picture of a vehicle. It’s not about me or about tuning a automobile to be as quick as probable on a racetrack. To live adult to a wishes of business in terms of dynamics and pushing comfort, it substantially helps that we don’t usually expostulate quick in a loop, though that we can also systematise technical correlations.

What can Audi fans demeanour brazen to?

Frank Stippler: A automobile that covers a extended spectrum:comfortable in city pushing and tip speeds on a racetrack. A automobile that is one-of-a-kind in a category and creates hearts kick a small faster.

Meic Diessner: We’re articulate about a well-made automobile with a five-cylinder engine and a good sound that will positively give we goosebumps. On tip of that, a sporty, offset framework with a torque splitter, that gives a automobile lots of variations in multiple with a pushing modes and that elevates a pushing energetic to a aloft level.

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