BMW Motorrad celebrates 40 years of supplement equipment.

Munich. The marketplace launch of a mythological K
in 1978 also done BMW Motorrad a colonize in an entirely
new segment: it became a initial serial-production manufacturer in the
universe to benefaction a really possess operation of supplement equipment. Even this very
initial collection set a benchmark in terms of pattern and included
reserve comforts that already met a really tip standards of the
time, laying a foundations for an ongoing success story. With every
collection since, BMW Motorrad has not usually reflected a latest
developments of a epoch in a supplement apparatus yet has indeed been a
trend-setter. The BMW Motorrad “40 Years Collection” now
brings behind a demeanour of a 1970s in loyal style.

The figure “78” runs by a “40 years
Collection” as an orange-red thread – adorning a high-end jet
helmet and a leather coupler as it does a collection’s short
gloves. The materials used and a finishing techniques are anything
yet retro, of course: they are positively state-of-the-art.

Historical background: Since there were no standards
for contrast and acceptance for many years, BMW Motorrad took the
required movement itself and tangible a Concept of Advanced Rider
Equipment – C.A.R.E. – for a product operation in 1999. Since afterwards every
particular product has been theme to severe mandate and is
tested according to 5 criteria: reserve and functionality,
innovation, peculiarity and durability, sustainability and design. The BMW
Motorrad standards go over orthodox mandate for CE
certifications and EU standards.

Retro yet state-of-the-art: a “40 Years” jet
It all started with helmets. BMW Motorrad laid
a foundations for a mythological supplement apparatus operation in 1978 with
a “Original BMW Protection Helmet” in BMW Safety
with bright stripes – one of a safest
motorcycle helmets of a time. So a really special helmet is an
extensive contingency for a anniversary collection: a “40
Years” jet helmet
combines retro stylish with enhanced
comfort and contemporary reserve features. The helmet bombard is done of
fibre-glass and CO fibre, while a stuffing consists of
premium-quality microfibre featuring red highlights. The approximate and
a hilt for a optionally accessible motorcycle goggles are done of
genuine calfskin leather.

The sequence chronicle of this helmet will not go on a market
until 2019, yet it is accessible now as partial of a “40 Years
Collection” temperament energetic stripes in blue and red, the
“since 78” inscription, embossed BMW trademark and a “BMW
Helmets” button – yet usually in a particularly singular book of 250.

Historical background: In 1980, BMW presented the
System we helmet. This softened constituent helmet with
folding chin territory was a universe initial that set new standards in the
universe of motorcycling. In 2018, a System 7 Carbon
is a prominence of a stream supplement apparatus range.
It can be facilely remade from a complement helmet to a jet
helmet, public a really tip standards in terms of safety,
aerodynamics and versatility.

Stylish appearance: a “40 Years” motorcycle
Heritage designs are a latest thing nowadays,
creation a “40 Years” motorcycle jacket
doubly desirable: it offers undying reversion character total with the
really latest motorcycle fashion. In a chronicle for group it is limited
to 150 apparatus – and usually 50 of a women’s chronicle will be produced.
Anyone means to get reason of one of these singular jackets will be means to
suffer a 1970s demeanour while during a same time benefiting from cutting-edge quality.

The BMW Motorrad reward coupler “DarkNite” was
comparison as a basis. The supplement is stable by removable NPL
protectors during a elbows and shoulders along with padded inserts,
while a behind guardian can be retrofitted during any time. It goes without
observant that complicated comforts such as a special smartphone slot are
enclosed in a “40 Years” motorcycle jacket, too. It is
accessible in a colour multiple blue and white, and bears the
“since 1978” marker on a right sleeve along with the
BMW trademark on a chest.

Historical background: The world’s initial ever BMW
Gore-Tex weave fit was presented in 1986 – opening adult a whole new
dimension of motorcycle clothing. 1990 saw a marketplace launch of the
initial Kevlar-reinforced suit, a BMW PROTEC
regarded as a safest motorcycle fit in a universe during a time. In
1993 BMW Motorrad presented a initial waterproof leather suit. Updated
each year, a Atlantis suit stays an integral
partial of a BMW Motorrad collection to this day. In 1997 the
motorcycling universe was anxious to see a initial jeans fit done of
a high-tech fabric InoTex – grown exclusively for BMW Motorrad.
Now in a fifth era in 2018, a Rallye suit
is done of ProtechWool – a fake twine with CO finish that
provides rarely effective erosion insurgency given vigour and heat
means a fabric to compress.

Short and cool: a “40 Years”
The “40 Years” Collection gloves are
designed for fans of a roadster and birthright culture. Conceived as a
light summer glove, this collection prominence is done of finest
goatskin leather. Perforations between a fingers yield good
ventilation, while impact-absorbing rage froth and double-layered
leather sections safeguard glorious protection. The caricature – tip and
behind of a palm in blue, palm in light grey – and a “78”
marker on a ride ideally compare a “40 Years”
motorcycle jacket. The gloves are singular to an book of 250.

Historical background: The sports-style Two
in One furloughed gloves
caused a stir in 2014. Its two
chambers – PROOF and GRIP – enabled a quick and elementary switch between
best hold and waterproofing.

High-quality retro luggage: a “40 Years”
Whether shoes, jackets, motorcycle saddles or
cases – anyone investing in leather in 1978 was out to make a splash.
BMW Motorrad echoes this trend from a past with a stylish travel
bag. The eye-catcher in orange and red is accessible in a limited
book of 200. The disdainful weekender is done of healthy Italian
leather with musical highlights. Features embody leather grips and
a shoulder strap, an outdoor slot and studs on a base.

Whether a leather tote to compare a transport bag, T-shirts to
go with a “40 Years” motorcycle jacket, a silk headband or
a “since 78” print – a BMW Motorrad “40 Years
Collection” offers a select retrospective on a story of
BMW Motorrad.

The BMW Motorrad supplement apparatus product operation currently
comprises 6 helmets, 8 weave suits, 5 leather suits, 12
weave and leather jackets, 7 pairs of trousers/jeans, 11 pairs
of motorcycle boots with dual pairs of sneakers, 12 pairs of gloves and
a far-reaching operation of organic and insurance clothing, 8 special bags
and rucksacks, relating caring products and also countless style
The “40 Years Collection” will be
accessible from Aug 2018 in Germany, Europe (incl. Switzerland) and
Japan. For an overview of a new collection and a stream BMW
Motorrad supplement apparatus range, see

You will find press element on BMW motorcycles as good as BMW
Motorrad supplement apparatus and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories in the
BMW Group PressClub during

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