BMW outside envoy Stefan Glowacz heads out on a “Coast to Coast” speed in a BMW i3.

Munich. The almighty ice and a high cliffs of
Greenland are sketch veteran adventurer and impassioned climber
Stefan Glowacz into his subsequent large project. On his fantastic “Coast to
Coast” expedition, a BMW outside envoy will cranky a island
from West to East by ski, sledge and boar kites and afterwards free-climb an
unclimbed stone face. Glowacz, who will be accompanied on his
speed by photographer Thomas Ulrich and his climbing partner
Philipp Hans, will also transport to his finish in an especially
tolerable way. The contingent heads out from Munich in dual BMW i3s (fuel
expenditure in a authorised EU exam cycle: 0.0 l/100 km; total power
consumption: 13.6/13.1 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)
with a initial finish being Scotland. From there they transport to
a West seashore of Greenland by sailboat where they will cranky the
island by sledge presumably during a finish of July.

Today BMW i product line manager Dr. Robert Irlinger handed over the
automobile keys as a starting vigilance for a approximately three-month
“Coast to Coast” expedition. The dual entirely packaged BMW i3s are waiting
during BMW Welt to take a adventurers and their apparatus to Scotland
emission-free during a internal level. “Pioneering suggestion and new
approaches are a daily proclivity also during BMW i. This is because we are
ancillary this devise with good pleasure”, says Irlinger.

“Travelling a initial leg of a tour in a BMW i3 is truly the
dot on a i creation a devise a roughly ideal sustainability
expedition”, says Glowacz, who has reached many hard-to-access regions
of a universe in a really environment-friendly demeanour to afterwards free-climb
intensely perfectionist stone faces. “In a expeditions we have always
been perplexing for several years now to strech a comparison stone face
underneath a possess steam from a final outpost of civilisation.”  

The 53-year-old adventurer is endeavour a “Coast to Coast”
speed and confronting a harsh army of inlet in an
environmentally sound demeanour this time, too. Around dual and a half
weeks are designed for sailing from a Scottish seashore to a Western
shores of Greenland. Once there, Glowacz and his companions devise to
cranky a largest landbound ice aspect in a universe from West to East
by kite-drawn sledges in around 30 to 40 days. A serve dual weeks are
designed for climbing a hitherto unconquered, adult to 1000 meters high
stone face on a East seashore of a island. Then a speed members
will once again transport by sailboat behind to Scotland interlude over in
Iceland and a Faroe Islands. “This route, that combines several
adventures, is how we picture a complicated journey to demeanour like”, says Glowacz.

He came adult with a thought dual years ago on his approach to an speed to
a Canadian Baffin Island. “We were drifting over Greenland and we was
preoccupied by a measureless solidified surfaces and a perfect cliffs on the
East side of a island”, is how Glowacz recalls what desirous him to
go on this expedition. He is formulation to lapse to Munich during the
commencement of October. If all goes well, he might even be behind for the
start of a European Outdoor Film Tour 2018/2019 in Oct during BMW
Welt in Munich. Here he would news on his encounters with a rock
and ice of Greenland.


*The fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electric power
expenditure total were dynamic according to a European
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considers a opposite sizes of a comparison wheels/tyres and the
comparison apparatus of discretionary equipment, and might change during configuration.

The values for a vehicles noted * are already formed on a new
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(depending on inhabitant legislation).

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