BMW Group Press Conference, International Motor Show IAA 2017

Dialogue between Harald
Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG, and Hajo
Schumacher, German Author and Journalist.



Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of
a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales
BMW Group


Good morning! What a good day to go for a expostulate in a new
BMW i3
– it’s quick, it’s quiet, with an superb design!
And of course, 0 internal emissions. 


Four years ago, we launched a BMW i3 right here in Frankfurt: A
pioneering car, approach brazen of a diversion with a many ground-breaking technologies.


Today, it is famous a universe over as a pitch of innovative
pushing pleasure, sustainability and intelligent connectivity in the
civic environment. That’s because it has turn a best-selling electric
automobile in a reward compress segment, worldwide.


The BMW i3 has now been serve softened with sharper, some-more refined
styling and new digital services, including assistance with anticipating a
parking space.


Now for a unequivocally initial time, I’m gay to benefaction a new model
variant, a BMW i3s.


The BMW i3s serves a needs of business who are looking for a
fully-electric automobile with a some-more energetic drive, and look. we consider it
looks fantastic!


Both of these vehicles yield a premium, all-electric pushing experience.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we see a destiny of urban
mobility: glimmer free, con giveaway and connected.


The BMW i3 has played an critical pioneering purpose during a BMW Group.
Its eDrive record is holding a BMW Group into a subsequent epoch of
mobility. We’ve eliminated a record to other core models right
opposite a portfolio, and today, business can select between nine
electrified cars and one motorcycle.


To tell we some-more about MINI and Motorrad, I’ll now palm over to Peter Schwarzenbauer.



Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member
of a Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW
Motorrad, Customer Experience and Digital Business Innovation BMW Group



Our association is a colonize in e-mobility. Already in 1972, it was an
electric BMW that accompanied Olympic marathon runners on their route
by a city of Munich. And, in 2008, a MINI E exam swift began
a new section in complicated electro-mobility. Customers worldwide clocked
adult some-more than 16 million kilometres on electric energy only. This formed
a basement for building a BMW i3.


Now we have come full circle. Since summer, MINI has offering the
Countryman as a plug-in hybrid. Customer response has been tremendous.
That doesn’t warn me: MINI has always been during home in a civic setting.


The code was unfailing for electrification.

Ladies and gentlemen: a MINI Electric Concept!


A preview of a initial series-production all-electric MINI! Many
business are energetically available a recover in 2019. Typical MINI, it
combines tolerable mobility with limit emotion! I’m unequivocally looking
brazen to it!

BMW Motorrad – a fourth code – also has a
fast-growing fan-base. We have had emission-free motorcycles for quite
some time. And we have seen a clever boost in direct for the
C evolution given we softened a operation and
performance. In Paris, for example, we see it on a roads everywhere.


Our Concept Link combines dual elemental needs of
a complicated society: Mobility and communication. This scooter is fully
integrated into a digital world. Drivers and their vicinity –
and even their wardrobe – are connected.


Digitalisation and e-mobility are a pivotal technologies everybody is
articulate about. Both of these are tip priority for us. My colleague,
Klaus Fröhlich, will now explain to we a skeleton for e-mobility during BMW.



Klaus Fröhlich Member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG, Development


Ladies and Gentlemen!


Already 10 years ago, we began implementing a plan for
tolerable mobility. With EfficientDynamics – some-more pushing pleasure
with reduction fuel expenditure – we significantly reduced a CO2
emissions of a fleet.

And afterwards we successfully determined BMW i: Our
creation heart and think-tank.


With BMW i we already showed behind in 2013 what an electrified future
looks like. BMW i was, and still is, a original!

Since 2015, with a stretchable architectures, we have been means to
build vehicles with a explosion engine or as plug-in hybrids. We will
sell some-more than 100,000 electrified vehicles this year alone – which
creates us one of a world’s largest providers of electrified vehicles currently.


And now we are starting a second theatre of a strategy. We are now
holding a stairs to capacitate us to build all indication array with any type
of expostulate sight from 2020 – explosion engine, plug-in hybrid or
battery – according to demand.


In development, we are regulating scalable electric construction modules.
With a fifth era of a e-drivetrains, we will grasp high
opening and endless operation with most reduction weight. These will be
integrated into a dual extended stretchable automobile architectures, which
are suitable for all expostulate forms. In this way, we are completely
stretchable in how we respond to a customers’ needs. We need some-more than
singular solutions. Electromobility is a “new normal” for us. This
clearly distinguishes us from competitors.

I am assured that we will be during a forefront of e-mobility,
heading determined and new competitors. You have usually seen some of
a new products today:

The electric MINI, a new BMW i3 and a BMW i3s.


We have also announced a entirely electric X3 and a BMW iNEXT.

And we have even more! This is a BMW i Vision Dynamics!

  • It is entirely electric.
  • And accelerates from 0 to a hundred in 4 seconds.
  • With a tip speed of over 200 km/h.
  • And a operation of 600 kilometres.


All of this shows, once again, that: Sheer pushing pleasure and
e-mobility are a ideal fit. It shows that electro-mobility has
reached a heart of a brand.


We are going for a lead! That’s because a BMW i Vision Dynamics
stands for so most more. It symbolizes a expansion plan in
electro-mobility. It provides a glance into a future: A four-door
Gran Coupé positioned between a i3 and a i8. Its pattern is
modelled on a BMW Vision NEXT 100 from a centenary year.


But, as we can see, it usually takes us a few years, not 30, to turn
visions into reality. we can guarantee you, a BMW i Vision Dynamics
will go into series-production.


That belongs to a tradition. Think of a BMW Vision EfficientDynamics.

Within usually a few years, it became a BMW i8. Today, a i8 is most
fascinating plug-in hybrid sports automobile in a world.


You see: We broach on a promises! And we am assured that in
e-mobility, we will also be a heading provider of reward vehicles.


And now, behind to Harald Krüger.


Harald Krüger, Chairman of
a Board of Management of BMW AG


Here we see a electrified fleet! We done a switch early. Now, we
are stepping adult a pace:


25 electrified models in 2025 – 12 of them entirely electric!


Sustainable mobility during a BMW Group is extraordinary and comes in many forms!

We are entirely committed to this! We wish we all a successful IAA.
Thank you!