BMW Group launches BMW CarData: new and innovative services for customers, safely and transparently

Munich. The BMW Group continues to enhance its
ground-breaking reward services and, with BMW CarData, is enabling
customised use options for BMW drivers formed on information from a vehicle.

At a eventuality “Mobility of Tomorrow”, an beginning of a German
Association of a Automotive Industry on 30 May in Berlin, Peter
Schwarzenbauer, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI,
Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business
Innovation BMW Group, explained: “BMW CarData will take the
connectivity of a vehicles to a new dimension. Our BMW
ConnectedDrive business will be means to take advantage of new,
innovative and customised third-party services in a discerning and easy
manner. Protecting automobile information is partial of a bargain of
reward in a highly-connected vehicle. This is what business expect
from us. In this way, we are permitting business to confirm what happens
with their data. This is precisely a truth behind BMW CarData.”


BMW CarData offers many advantages for customers: Drivers can save
income with individualised word premiums, based, for example, on
tangible mileage. Or suffer faster use appointments, because, thanks
to ideal preparation, a required partial has been systematic in advance.
But it is also easy to suppose totally new services in a future,
such as personalised infotainment options. A BMW with a built-in SIM
label is indispensable to use BMW CarData. Around 8.5 million BMW vehicles
now accommodate this requirement. Once business have purebred their
BMW in a ConnectedDrive portal, they are also means to use BMW
CarData during no additional cost.


BMW CarData works as follows: The automobile generates data, including
condition data, like mileage; usage-based data, such as normal fuel
consumption; and eventuality data, like an programmed use call. Some of
this information is transmitted exclusively, in encrypted form, as so-called
telematics information around a henceforth commissioned SIM label to secure BMW
servers. From there, with a agree of a customer, service
providers can entrance a encrypted information indispensable for certain services.
Data confidence is always tip priority. Third-party entrance to the
vehicle, that severely increases a risk of hacking, is avoided.
Peter Schwarzenbauer: “For customers, CarData means security,
clarity and control over information from your possess car, total with
a many advantages of customised services.”


BMW CarData allows business to conduct how their telematics information is
common with use providers really simply. All it takes to release
data, repudiate entrance or repel prior agree is a click of the
mouse: The patron alone decides either or not a association receives
their data. In this way, business always say control. The BMW
Group is a initial automotive association to deliver this service, which
already conforms to a EU General Data Protection Regulation planned
for 2018. The top turn of clarity is guaranteed and
business can ask a CarData news of a information expelled or a
CarData repository around a ConnectedDrive portal during any time. The archive
contains a minute list of a telematics information stored in connection
with a automobile and a glossary explaining pivotal terms.


Service providers, such as garages, word companies and fleet
managers, can register with BMW CarData. If business wish to use a
specific use and actively agree to a recover of their
telematics data, a requesting companies accept a information they need
for a use in encrypted form around BMW’s secure backend. This
information provides a basement for customised, data-based and
innovative use options – from infotainment to intelligent home
functionality – enabling a extended operation of value-added services for
customers. BMW CarData will be launched in Germany on 30 May 2017 and
afterwards gradually rolled out in other markets.




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