BMW Berlin Brawl: Esports stars go behind in time to a 1980s during LVL World of Gaming – FNATIC defends the title.

Munich. The second book of a Berlin Brawl took a United
in Rivalry teams upheld by BMW and their fans behind in time. On
Monday, players from G2 Esports, FNATIC, OG Esports and FunPlus
Phoenix met during LVL World of Gaming in Berlin (GER) and entered
unknown territory. Instead of arrangement off their skills in League
of Legends, Dota 2 or Valorant, they entered a universe of arcade
games and duelled any other in 3 cult classics from a 1980s:
Vulgus, Strider and Street Fighter II Turbo. Victory went to FNATIC,
as it did final year. In gripping with a ethos of a Berlin Brawl,
hosted by Eefje Depoortere, as Official Automotive Partner during LVL
World of Gaming, BMW showcased a genuine cult car, a Ken Done BMW M3
Art Car from 1989.


“This Berlin Brawl with a retro demeanour reminded us once again that the
mania with Esports and gaming is not a new phenomenon, it has
decades of tradition,” pronounced Ingmar Johannsen, Head of BMW Esports.
“Congratulations to Bwipo and FNATIC, who had also edged it opposite G2
Esports during a Brawl premiere in 2020. Once again LVL World of Gaming
was a illusory theatre for a United in Rivalry derby. It’s fantastic
that this eventuality got a partnership as Official Automotive Partner
off to a fantastic start. At times there were some-more than 12,000
viewers following a Berlin Brawl during a same time on Twitch. The
response from a village was really positive. Thank we to all teams
who got concerned in this tour to a 1980s.”


BMW Esports teams were represented by a players Caps, Mikyx (both
G2 Esports), Bean, Bwipo (both FNATIC), N0tail (OG Esports) and ANGE1
(FunPlus Phoenix) in Berlin. The plea was to cgange their skills
polished for complicated games to fit 3 cult classics. Bwipo was the
many successful, violence Caps in a final.


To applaud both a arcade diversion epoch in a 1980s and a new
partnership between BMW and LVL World of Gaming, a BMW M3 Art Car of
artist Ken Done from 1989 was on arrangement in Berlin. There is a long
tradition of BMW Art Cars. From a 1970s to today, world-famous
artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons have
immortalized themselves with their designs on BMW racing and road
cars. The BMW M3 done a entrance in 1987, a same year that a Vulgus
diversion was released, and a initial Street Fighter. Street Fighter II
Turbo followed in 1992, a same year in that a second-generation
BMW M3 was launched.


As partial of a Berlin Brawl, BMW also gave fans a eventuality to
get serve proficient with The Rival Rig, that had done a entrance at
a BMW Esports Boost during a finish of June. This idealist Esports
hardware is a initial product from a practical RIVALWORKS technology
factory. The Berlin Brawl was also a initial eventuality done accessible for
a village to follow on a new BMW Esports Discord server. BMW
will now also benefaction itself to fans on this communication platform
used by gamers around a universe during


About BMW Esports.

BMW has been collaborating with 5 of a world’s best teams as a
partner in a classical League of Legends diversion given 2020. Cloud 9,
FNATIC, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports and T1 fly a BMW colours in the
biggest events in a industry. The prominence of a first
collaborative deteriorate in 2020 was a Worlds, in that G2 esports and
FNATIC done it to a knock-out theatre of a finals in a conflict of
a world’s best teams. G2 Esports even done it to a semi-final. The
Dota 2 specialists OG Esport are a new further to a ‘United in
Rivalry’ patrol as of 2021. The impasse in Esports gives BMW
totally new hold points with a dynamic, fast flourishing community;
creation Esports an critical destiny margin for BMW selling activities.
BMW has distinguished member in sim racing as well, and has
integrated BMW SIM Racing into a racing programme as a standalone
pillar. The BMW SIM Cups attract a world’s best sim racers, who do
conflict for wins, titles and appealing money prizes in practical BMW
racing cars. BMW SIM Racing teams are holding partial for a initial time
in 2021. BS+COMPETITION, G2 Esports, Team GB and Team Redline
paint BMW on several make-believe platforms.