Bad fitness for BMW drivers as sleet turns Eifel competition into a lottery – Farfus and Wittmann in a points.

Nürburgring. The sleet incited Saturday’s DTM competition during the
Nürburgring (GER) into a lottery – and a BMW teams only didn’t
have fitness on their side. After a clever opening in qualifying
saw 5 BMW drivers in a tip ten, a sleet showering in a center of
a competition put paid to their chances of winning or reaching the
podium. Augusto Farfus (BRA) had a autocratic lead in a race,
descending behind to eighth place after an additional array stop after the
sleet had returned. Marco Wittmann (GER) suffered a identical fate
after starting from second, though was during slightest means to measure two
points as he finished in ninth position. Timo Glock (GER), Bruno
Spengler (CAN), Tom Blomqvist (GBR) and Maxime Martin (BEL) crossed
a line in 12th, 13th, 16th and
17th places respectively.


The qualifying:

The second giveaway use event in a morning took place on a
entirely soppy circuit though a lane gradually dusty out during
qualifying. The drivers used soppy tyres until about a median point
of a 20-minute session, though a best times were accessible with slicks
in a final minutes. Timing was a wilful cause that determined
who can done use of a best lane conditions. Marco Wittmann (Red
Bull BMW M4 DTM) done a right choice and claimed second place on the
grid with a time of 1:26.067 minutes. He was rewarded with dual points
in a drivers’ championship and was only 0.099 seconds bashful of the
best time, set by Lucas Auer (AUT, Mercedes). Four some-more BMW drivers
done it into a tip ten. Augusto Farfus (Shell BMW M4 DTM) claimed
fourth place, while Tom Blomqvist (BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM) was
sixth. Timo Glock reached eighth position in a DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4
DTM. Maxime Martin (SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM) was tenth and Bruno Spengler
(BMW Bank M4 DTM) was set to start a competition from 15th position.


The race:

A complicated sleet showering strike a Nürburgring only before a start of the
race, heading to all drivers starting with wet-weather tyres. Augusto
Farfus done a lightning start from fourth place and altered into the
lead. Marco Wittmann didn’t get divided good after starting on a front
quarrel and slotted into fifth place, only forward of Timo Glock. Technical
problems during a initial spin meant that Tom Blomqvist was during a behind of
a field, though was means to continue. The circuit was drying out and
after 16 laps, many altered to sharp tyres, including all a BMW
drivers. However, only 3 laps after there was another sleet shower
that incited a competition from vital to a lottery. Maxime Martin slid
on a soppy aspect into a tyre wall, losing 4 places. Farfus and
Wittmann were a initial BMW drivers to switch from slicks behind to wet
tyres. They managed to measure points by finishing in eighth and ninth
positions, though had no possibility opposite a drivers who were luckier in
a sleet play and did not need a second-pit stop. The remaining
BMW drivers finished outward a tip ten.


The reactions:


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “After a good
subordinate session, we let it trip and chose a wrong plan in the
competition – notwithstanding a continue foresee and a internal knowledge. We did
not design a second sleet showering to be so heavy, or we would have
left a cars out. It is unsatisfactory to finish with only dual cars in
a tip 10 from a earnest starting position. At slightest Augusto
scored some points after doing a good pursuit right from a start, and
he could have won. Now we have to analyse because we got it so wrong
today. It is critical that we get a set-up right for tomorrow.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG): “Our
drivers did a super pursuit in fanciful conditions during qualifying
today, and a group got a cars set adult perfectly. We did everything
right during a start of a race, adult until a indicate when we done the
wrong preference to switch to slicks. We all saw what happened then.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
2nd place, competition result: 9th place – 69 races,
8 wins, 18 podiums, 8 stick positions, 620 points, 2 drivers’
“I am mega disappointed. We all chose a wrong
strategy. That is a shame. Augusto Farfus had good gait going out in
front. we was going a bit improved than a Mercedes in front of me though I
couldn’t get past. When it started to dry out, we had to do something.
We altered to slicks and a path times got faster. But afterwards a rain
came and we fast realised that we had done a wrong decision. In
a end, we managed to measure dual points though it could have been more.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
4th place, competition result: 8th place – 79 races,
4 wins, 12 podiums, 6 stick positions, 372 points):
“I had a
ideal start and a ideal initial stint. The event to win here
was in a hands. It started to sleet when we was in a pits for a tyre
change. From that indicate onwards, we had mislaid a race. However, we did
conduct to come behind and measure some points. My gait was really good. But
it is a genuine contrition when we can see yourself winning and afterwards have
this ripped divided from you. The continue in a Eifel plateau scotched
a hopes today.”


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
8th place, competition result: 12th place – 69 races,
4 wins, 8 podiums, 3 stick positions, 317 points):
“I had a
good start and a initial army was good. Mattias Ekström and we got
tighten adequate to barter paint, though that was OK. We had some behind luck
after that as Gary Paffet spun me. That meant we were already out of
a points. It afterwards started to sleet only one path after we had switched
to slicks. We only didn’t get it right today. Now we have to make sure
that we urge tomorrow.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM): “The
Eifel was in control of a opening today. we consider that we got a
lot right with Maxime, Bruno and Tom. The cars were good prepared and
really rival during a soppy partial of a race. Tom had some gearbox
problems during a start though we were doing good after that. Maxime
constructed some good manoeuvres to make adult some places and Bruno made
swell too. We simply did not see such a complicated second sleet shower
entrance and we chose to put on dry tyres during a array stop. The
conditions became worse after that – so it was a wrong decision.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
15th place, competition result: 13th place – 152
races, 15 wins, 48 podiums, 18 stick positions, 820 points, 1
drivers’ title):
“Unfortunately, a plan currently wasn’t
ideal. But we need to have some fitness in situations like that too. I
consider it was formidable for a people on a array wall to find the
right strategy. we indeed wanted to stay on slicks as we suspicion that
a circuit would dry out fast after a rain, and that had
happened earlier. If that had been a box again, we would have
scored some-more points. We had a bit of bad luck.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – Grid
position: 6th place, competition result: 16th place –
49 races, 1 win, 5 podiums, 2 stick positions, 193 points):
“It was a bizarre race. we got strike in a initial spin and then
we had problems with anticipating initial gear. That put me behind into last
place. The automobile was flattering good though we did not have a right strategy.
We altered to slicks, though afterwards it started to sleet again. Our tactics
simply weren’t right.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – Grid position:
10th place, competition result: 17th place – 59
races, 3 wins, 10 podiums, 3 stick positions, 333 points):
“It was a lottery. We came into a pits and put on dry
tyres, that was a wrong decision. It started to sleet right away.
So, we was out on a soppy lane with cold slicks. we mislaid control of the
automobile and gathering true into a gravel. We put wet-weather tyres back
on though didn’t have a possibility to repair much. We will be stronger again tomorrow.”


The standings:


Drivers: 1. Mattias Ekström (128 points), 2. Lucas
Auer (127), 3. René Rast (124), 4. Mike Rockenfeller (110), 5. Jamie
Green (107), 6. Timo Glock (104), 7. Maxime Martin (102), 8. Marco
Wittmann (97), 9. Paul di Resta (77), 10. Gary Paffett (76), 11.
Robert Wickens (74), 12. Bruno Spengler (62), 13. Nico Müller (49),
14. Edoardo Mortara (43), 15. Maro Engel (41), 16. Augusto Farfus
(27), 17. Tom Blomqvist (21), 18. Loic Duval (18).


Teams: 1. Audi Sport Team Rosberg (231 points), 2.
Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline (177), 3. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport BWT
(174), 4. BMW Team RBM (164), 5. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Mercedes me
(150), 6. Audi Sport Team Phoenix (128), 7. BMW Team RMR (125), 8. BMW
Team RMG (124), 9. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport SILBERPFEIL Energy (118).


Manufacturers: 1. Audi (536 points), 2. Mercedes
(442), 3. BMW (413).


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