Audi motorist Ekström unfortunate, Rast catches up

All day, complicated sleet showers in a Eifel done for fanciful conditions which, in sum within a Audi squad, René Rast and Audi Sport Team Rosberg rubbed best. DTM rookie Rast in subordinate on a drying lane was a fastest Audi driver, in position seven. In a early theatre of a race, a German, following a collision for that he perceived a caution, forsaken to eleventh place. While many drivers switched from sleet tires to slicks about median by a race, Rast behind his array stop as prolonged as possible. As a outcome of this strategy, he still modernized to position five.

“It was a formidable race, though in a finish a good outcome with fifth place,” pronounced Rast. “I was a best Audi motorist once again and scored critical points for a championship. Initially, things weren’t looking so good. The initial set of tires was not a approach we approaching it to be. On a second one, it was most better.”

His teammate, Jamie Green, altered tires even after and modernized to sixth place that approach after a Briton had been in 18th and final place in a initial half of a race. The dual drivers of Audi Sport Team Rosberg were a usually dual Audi campaigners on Saturday to measure points.

Mattias Ekström suffered set-back in a vital way. The Swede from Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline on a soppy lane in a initial half of a competition battled his approach forwards from grid position eleven to sixth place, though altered from sleet tires to slicks only during a impulse when sleet set in again during a Nürburgring. Ekström afterwards had to array for another tire change and finished a competition in position 15.  

His teammate, Nico Müller, altered tires twice as well, though with dual early stops managed to allege to eleventh place after carrying started from a final row. Mike Rockenfeller and Loïc Duval finished a initial of a dual races of Audi Sport Team Phoenix on home dirt in positions 14 and 18.

“René (Rast) and Jamie (Green) underneath today’s conditions did all right,” pronounced Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “For Mattias (Ekström), who was doing unequivocally good and competence have even finished third or fourth, a competition was really frustrating. Unfortunately, he pitted for a tire change during accurately a wrong moment. As a result, he hopelessly mislaid belligerent that was really unpleasant with honour to a championship.”