Audiophile – or: Many roads lead to sound design

Wolfram Jähn on his start in sound design: “I put together my initial orator complement in my bedroom when we was twelve; I’ve always been preoccupied by technology. And music, since we took piano and trombone lessons during a immature age – that was arrange of my artistic entryway into a subject.

For all that mindfulness with technology, a many critical thing for me was always how sound and song could have an romantic impact. That’s still my running element today: everybody listening to their favorite song in a cars has to be so overwhelmed and vehement that they only don’t wish to get out again.

As distant as what drives me personally, we tend to be a perfectionist. My end is to carve out a thing that’s sold in each sound and a beauty in each square of music. Because we can report precisely how it needs to feel on a basement of one example: A while ago, we was on a highway in an A8 while there was a live promote of a Festival in Bayreuth on a radio and we got goosebumps: a sound was improved than on-site. And I’m unequivocally means to contend that since I’ve seen concerts there live. That was an strenuous feeling of complacency and we wish to make that probable for everybody who drives an Audi.”

Profile of Wolfram Jähn
Wolfram Jähn came to Ingolstadt and started operative for Audi in 1999. Before that, he grown sound systems and loudspeakers for a automotive margin as an audio operative during Nokia, a marketplace personality during a time. While he was study electrical engineering with a concentration on communication engineering in Regensburg, he specialized in acoustics. He keeps adult to date with consistent stability education, including on specialized topics like vigilance processing. Wolfram Jähn is a song lover, plays several instruments, and sings.