Audi ride with DB Cargo CO2-free all over Germany

Audi has been regulating environmentally accessible “DBeco plus” rail ride for a cars given 2010. Since Aug 1, 2010, a supposed “green trains” have been roving from Ingolstadt to a North Sea pier of Emden. Audi is therefore a initial association to use trains using on immature electricity. And given 2012, “green trains” have been transporting cars to Emden also from a Audi plant in Neckarsulm. Until now, roughly 1,600,000 automobiles have been ecstatic and 63,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

“With this changeover, we are significantly shortening a CO2 emissions of a logistics operations and are creation a tolerable grant to meridian protection,” settled Heiko Schultz, Head of Transport Logistics during AUDI AG. Seven years after a start of a project, all Audi ride with DB Cargo to and from a dual prolongation plants in Germany is now CO2-free. This relates not usually to a trains that leave a dual German plants (outbound), though also all rail ride of products nearing during a plants (inbound), including prolongation components and materials from suppliers. Each day, approximately 25 trains are installed or unloaded with materials and cars during a dual plants. “We are gratified to be a initial rail logistics association to make a ride operations CO2-free, and so to make an critical grant to Audi’s idea of CO2-neutral production,” combined Jens Nöldner, CEO of DB Cargo Logistics GmbH.

DB Cargo initial distributed a specific appetite requirement for a ride operations of a “DBeco plus” product. For a tangible rail transport, DB Cargo afterwards totally replaces a compulsory volume of appetite with immature electricity, that is performed only from renewable appetite sources in Germany. DB Cargo so carries out a ride services for Audi CO2-free and additionally invests 10 percent of a income in a growth of comforts for producing or storing regenerative electricity. This means that a meridian is doubly stable by a ride for Audi.

With a changeover to rail transport, Audi is posterior a idea of creation a automobile production totally CO2-neutral in a foreseeable future. In 2014, Audi was a initial association to have a CO2 footprint approved according to a worldwide customary ISO 14064, and uses a formula of that acceptance to ceaselessly get measures to revoke a environmental footprint. The association has analyzed in fact a emissions during all of an automobile’s lifecycle, and afterwards subsequent suitable measures to safeguard serve reductions. Experts from DEKRA Certification GmbH and DEKRA Certification Inc. have examined and reliable a information sources and calculations on that this was based.