Audi invests around EUR 100 million in charging infrastructure during possess sites

Audi is environment adult some-more than 4,500 charging points for battery-operated vehicles, thereby contributing to a appetite transition in private transport. “Establishing such endless charging infrastructure is a totally new challenge,” Maximilian Huber describes his task. The plan manager for site charging is not usually in assign of building a charging points yet also a appetite manager and program provider for a extensive charging resolution during a automotive manufacturer’s sites. At a categorical plant in Ingolstadt alone, there will be 3,500 charging points accessible in a final development. There will be 1,000 charging points in Neckarsulm, only underneath 100 in Brussels and Győr. Likewise, charging infrastructure will be built during a bureau in San José Chiapa. The association already offers stretched charging capacities during a training centers during Munich Airport. The whole plan has a sum bill of adult to EUR 100 million.

A charging judgment on this scale is singular in Germany so distant – and requires prudent credentials and mostly eccentric appetite management. A apart plan group has therefore been scheming and structuring a judgment for a doing given a center of 2017. The elemental preference to electrify 10 percent of all parking spaces was already done a year earlier. “Such lead times are required since a formulation and enlargement of a appetite supply on this scale alone takes mixed years,” explains Huber. Carrying out a setup during ongoing prolongation during a locations is a sold challenge.

The plan group is obliged for formulation a whole strategy, investment, and concept, and manages a setup and operation of a charging infrastructure as good as a billing of charging procedures during a Audi sites. In this context, a charging points are stretched to fit a needs of a employees and other people regulating a parking lot, a charging infrastructure is designed accordingly, handling manners are set, and a hotline and support are provided. Recording that complies with calibration law and invoicing of a charging procedures are serve critical aspects.

At a sites in Brussels, Ingolstadt, and Neckarsulm, charging infrastructure with a sum appetite submit of 21 megawatts is already available. This corresponds to a appetite expenditure of a tiny city with 14,000 inhabitants. This includes 600 charging points with an outlay of adult to 22 kilowatts (kW) and 60 approach stream charging points with an outlay between 50 and 350 kW. By a center of 2022, there will be 4,500 charging points, any with an outlay of adult to 22 kW, and approx. 50 some-more with an outlay of adult to 350 kW any during a plant sites alone. A energetic and intelligent load-management complement will be determining all appetite submit opposite sites this year already, so a appetite tie does not need be expanded.

In addition, there is a apparatus of a 3 Audi Training Center locations during Munich airport. Audi’s largest particular charging park with a appetite submit of 2.1 megawatts is connected to a grid here. In tie with a construction of a new ATC IV building, a solar appetite generated is used for a charging procession in multiple with a battery aegis storage device. “It’s not only about appetite supply, though,” says Huber. The plan group has also combined a possess navigation map on a basement of Google Maps that allows employees to see in genuine time where charging terminals are available. Invoicing around online systems and a formation in an inner allotment complement are serve critical services.

In a middle term, it is being checked how to make a acquired imagination accessible to other companies that need to enhance their charging infrastructure. This is a subsequent step on a company’s tour from a pristine automotive manufacturer to a mobility use provider. Audi has set itself a idea to turn a heading CO2-neutral reward provider. By 2050 during a latest, a company’s operations are to be wholly CO2-neutral.