Audi and FC Bayern streamer toward a destiny together

The partnership between Audi and FC Bayern München is a success story: Since 2002, a code with a 4 rings has been ancillary a many successful German football club. Additionally, Audi has been a shareholder of FC Bayern München AG given 2011. Joint events and initiatives have been stuffing this partnership with life. The Audi Cup, that in 2019 was hold for a sixth time during a Allianz Arena, ranks among Europe’s high-caliber basic tournaments. 

“FC Bayern München ideally fits Audi’s new vital direction,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Board of Management Member of AUDI AG for Marketing and Sales. The dual clever brands are famous for reward practice worldwide. “We wish to be tighten to a fans, business and intensity customers. As FC Bayern München’s disdainful car partner, we have a event to benefaction electric mobility and connectivity, and to spin them into discernible experiences.” Alexander Seitz, Board of Management Member of AUDI AG for Finance, China and Legal Affairs: “Our partnership with FC Bayern as one of a top-flight general clubs with 650 million fans worldwide and 135 million fans only in China opens adult new, corner selling opportunities, generally including China, a many critical expansion marketplace for Audi.” 

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of a Executive Board of Bayern München AG, says: “I am gay about a early prolongation of a partnership with Audi. For FC Bayern, this agreement outlines an critical vital pierce going forward. FC Bayern and Audi have been operative together confidently, respectably and to a advantage of both brands for some-more than a decade and a half. Now it is positive that this partnership will continue via a scarcely 10 years ahead.”

Andreas Jung, Executive Board Member of FC Bayern München AG for Marketing, says: “Both Audi and FC Bayern value a forward-thinking concentration and innovations on a one palm as good as coherence and dependability on a other. Both partners share a joining to being ‘number one’ in Germany. We severely demeanour brazen to many corner activations, to many corner events and to many some-more corner years with Audi.”

For a whole swift supposing by Audi to FC Bayern, an normal limit turn of 95 grams of CO2/km has been concluded to for a whole tenure of a agreement. This most equates to a authorised requirement to be met by manufacturers’ fleets as of Jan 2020. At slightest half of all vehicles will be electrified in a future. 

By prolonging their agreement, both partners have a long-term formulation setting for serve activities designed for sustainability. In terms of substance, a joining is put on a new basis: The car partnership underneath that all of FC Bayern’s stars and officials expostulate Audi models is branch into a vital partnership in a corner bid of advancing a areas of foundation and use of innovative selling activities and dialog platforms. At a Allianz Arena, Audi’s prominence and a Audi knowledge will be extended for visitors, while during FC Bayern’s new flagship store in a heart of Munich, a different Audi charity will be available. Other projects of a destiny partnership embody charging columns, and exam drives around a Allianz Arena and during a FC Bayern campus and training comforts during Säbener Strasse.

Moreover, a corner joining of AUDI AG and FC Bayern München is being intensively lived within a company’s possess “Audi Fanclub FC Bayern.” With a membership of some-more than 6,000, it is a club’s biggest fan bar worldwide. For a employees, a sponsoring joining again encompasses countless activities as well, such as worker specials during football matches, a Audi Cup and during meet–greet opportunities on a arise of car handovers to a players. 

The new vital partnership also includes a event to lift out particular projects with other brands of a Volkswagen Group. 

Audi has also extended a partnership with FC Bayern’s basketball players, that has existed given 2011, into 2023. “We are gay to continue partnering with this immature and smart organisation in a entrance years,” says Hildegard Wortmann. “The home matches during a Audi Dome and other corner events yield Audi with superb opportunities to enthuse a unrestrained of fans, business and intensity business – generally from a immature and digitally savvy aim organisation – for a code and products.” Audi is formulation to enhance a activities as a mobility partner in a entrance years, focused on electrification, digitalization and mobility services. Players and officials will continue to expostulate Audi cars.

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