Always uninformed – The new Sprinter as a refrigerated and insulated van.

State-of-the-art record needs space. The bodies for a new Sprinter from a Mercedes-Benz use partner Kerstner offer an well-developed volume of storage space. Pallets can be installed into a Sprinter around a shifting doorway or a back doors and can even be installed crosswise. The roof-mounted cooling complement has an aerodynamic design, creation it generally fuel-efficient. In addition, a cooling complement from Kerstner is also operational when a engine is switched off, enabling reduce internal pollutant emissions. The double seals in a load area doors safeguard generally good insulation. A special covering consisting of a 100% recyclable enamel mist cloak helps to keep a interior cool. The cooling complement can be conveniently tranquil and practiced in a load area regulating a control panel.