All-New 2022 Toyota GR86: Thrills Around Every Corner



  • Modern sportscar designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts
  • Precision handling, low centre of gravity, and nearby ideal change
  • 2.4L flat-four fighter engine rewards drivers with rise torque during revoke RPM
  • Functional vents and spoilers maximize aerodynamics and fortitude
  • Updated interior comforts new seating, digital arrangement and multimedia element


TORONTO, Ontario (August 17, 2021) – Thrills are usually around a dilemma with Toyota’s all-new 2022 GR86. For a next-generation coupe, a same fanatics behind Toyota Gazoo Racing’s championship racecars looked to operative even incomparable curve-hugging precision, with a concentration on combined stability, energy and softened aerodynamics. The result? A track-ready, driver’s automobile done for pristine fun.

How’d they do it? To start, a GR group built on a nimble attributes of a stream era 86 framework by adding strategically placed high-strength steel, new cranky members adult front, and a full-ring support in a rear. Then, they engineered scarcely 18 percent some-more horsepower and 11 percent some-more torque by utilizing a larger, naturally aspirated 2.4-litre, horizontally against four-cylinder engine. They tuned it so a rise torque arrives distant progressing in a powerband during 3700 RPM, contra 6600 RPM on a before generation, creation for a manageable and absolute pushing knowledge – generally when entrance out of a curves and onto a straightaways. It’s accessible in a primer smoothness (MT) or paddle-shifted involuntary (AT), so drivers can select an knowledge that fits their style.

GR engineers knew that gripping a low centre of sobriety and svelte quell weight was critical for limit fun. Constructed with a weight-saving aluminum roof and front fenders, a GR86 bottom class weighs in during usually 1,275 kg for a MT (1,293 kg in a AT), creation it among a lightest sportscars on a market. The multiple of 53:47 front:rear balance, a low-slung 1,311 mm altogether height, and a compress flat-four engine, gives GR86 all a right mixture for resolutely planted sportscar handling.

GR86 comes in 7 extraneous tone choices, Track bRED, Halo white, Steel silver, Pavement grey, Raven black, and Neptune or Trueno Blue. With 2+2 seating for bland functionality and a fold-flat back chair for additional space, it’s accessible in twin grades: GR86 Base and GR86 Premium.

The Premium class comforts a vast duckbill spoiler, black 18-inch aluminum amalgamate wheels, seperated Alcantara and leather-trimmed, dual-mode exhilarated front seating, and an eight-speaker multimedia audio system. The GR86 bottom indication sits on 17-inch wheels and comes with black G-embossed fabric seats and a six-speaker multimedia audio system. An accessible 200W subwoofer adds drum to a sound element on possibly grade.

Power Design for a New Generation

The Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) group spent late nights in a garage underneath flickering fluorescent lights to raise opening on a new GR86.

With a pierce from a 2.0L to 2.4L flat-four engine, a 2022 GR86 increases a engine gimlet hole to 94mm (previously 86mm) for scarcely 20% some-more displacement, bumping adult from 1,998cc to 2,387cc. The bigger engine softened zero-to-100 km/h times from 7.2 to 6.3 seconds for a MT and from 8.2 to 6.8 seconds for a AT; Manufacturer estimated fuel expenditure is 12.4/9.0/11.1 L/100km city/highway/combined (6-Speed M/T) and 11.8/7.8/9.8 L/100 km city/highway/combined (6-Speed A/T).

Toyota’s D-4S twin injection record is re-tuned to broach some-more assertive stifle input. This element combines approach fuel injection and port-injection technologies. The direct-injection element provides a cooling outcome in a cylinders, that allows a engine to use a really high 12.5:1 application ratio for limit power. The pier fuel injectors come into play during light- and medium-load conditions to assistance maximize explosion efficiency.

The intake manifold’s pier hole and length have been optimized to support linear torque and acceleration and a atmosphere intake has also been redesigned to maximize airflow. The fuel element has a new siphon pattern and wider send tube for a solid fuel upsurge during cornering. The cooling element gets a new high-speed H2O pump, five-level water-cooled oil cooler, and a new high-capacity 200W radiator outlay motor. And a exhaust’s incomparable 5.6L centre siren ability delivers a gratifying growl, with an Active Sound Control element that augments engine sound in a cabin.

Highly Rigid Body Structure

The GR group also reworked a framework and physique to element GR86’s boost in power.

Up front, erratic cranky members were combined to a joints between a front cessation and frame, improving bucket smoothness submit from a front tires and shortening parallel bending. The hood has an inner erratic support structure for stability, mutated from a honeycomb pattern on a before generation. High-strength fasteners bond a support and cessation mounts. Additional acerbity is combined to a back interjection to a new full-ring structure that totally ties a top and revoke framework together. High-strength fasteners bond a back support and cessation mounts to hoop a g-forces in corners.

The materials used in a framework were also delicately comparison to optimize handling. Crafted from a multiple of high-strength steel, hot-stamped steel, and aluminum, any element is strategically placed in a support to move drivers a change of hurl and representation that maximizes control. For additional reinforcement, constructional glue via a underbody creates a taut, connected frame.

Driven by Control

GR86’s three-spoked, leather-wrapped steering circle puts drivers in approach control of a flexible handling. With a 13.5 altogether ratio that requires usually 2.5 turns time to time for parsimonious maneuverability, it comforts a new Electronic Power Steering (EPS) element with a column-mounted integrated engine and control section that reduces both weight and space. GR engineers even altered a steering rigging box mount, creation it some-more firm with a tough rubber bushing and reshaped ascent shaft washer.

Sport-tuned eccentric MacPherson® front struts underline polished damping opening and benefit new miscarry springs to raise doing characteristics. A double wishbone back cessation comforts a Torsen® limited-slip back differential for softened traction while cornering. To element GR86’s increasing torque, a back spindle offers additional bolster and a strut stabilizer bar is now connected directly to a subframe for limit stability. Sport-tuned back startle absorbers underline stiffer springs to yield planted, predicted doing for a front-engine, rear-wheel expostulate coupe.

The GR86 bottom class sits on 17-inch, V-shaped machined-finish 10-spoke aluminum amalgamate wheels, wrapped in Michelin® Primacy HP® tires. The GR86 Premium comes with 18-inch 10-spoke black aluminum amalgamate wheels that underline a Japanese-sword-inspired demeanour and Michelin Pilot Sport 4® tires. The 18-inch wheels have constrict cross-sectional spokes for constructional acerbity and minimally fringed bulb holes that emanate a compress hub. Braking comes from power-assisted 11.6-inch front and 11.4-inch back ventilated front brakes.

Manual or Automatic – You Choose

Sportscar purists will adore GR86’s six-speed primer transmission. With a pull of a button, MT drivers can rivet Track mode or switch off Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). The figure of a change push is optimized for smooth, beguiling shifting, possibly you’re relocating from 2nd to 3rd or downshifting from 5th to 4th. Additionally, a CO synchronizer was combined to urge changeable into 4th gear. The MT uses new low-viscosity oil and orientation for well-spoken changeable operability with a aloft torque outlay of a 2.4L fighter engine.

For a Automatic Transmission (AT), steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters offer enthusiasts a energetic pushing experience. Drivers can select between Normal, Sport, Snow or Track

vehicle duty to automatically change into a optimal gear, bringing drivers a control they want. Additional purchase discs and a new high-capacity torque converter concede for well-spoken smoothness of a engine’s combined power.

Purist Sportscar Design, Track Ready Aerodynamics

First introduced in 2012, a first-generation 86 was a reverence to a fun-to-drive, AE-86 Corollas of a 1980s. The new GR86 keeps that suggestion alive with a concentration on sporty pattern and weight management.

Parabola-shaped pure lens components give a LED headlights a intrepid look, with a same sweeping, inner L-shape as a GR Supra. A GR sportscar disdainful G-mesh-shaped pattern grille feeds atmosphere to a intake, and organic frame on a front buffer comforts a textured shark skin-inspired pattern to revoke drag.

On a side, a front buffer and vast rocker frame form side sill spoilers with integrated atmosphere outlets, improving aerodynamics during a doorway drop. The atmosphere outlets concede atmosphere inside a front circle arch to escape, shortening circle good turmoil and ancillary stability. Along a doorline, a low, horizontally aligned underbody combines with a accentuated buffer tops to demonstrate a clever front-rear posture. Black side mirrors supplement contrariety and are somewhat incomparable than a before generation, with a winding figure to maximize airflow.

At a rear, inverted circle arches demonstrate a far-reaching position and arch fins control atmosphere flow. Aerodynamic fins have been combined to a revoke back buffer for serve stability. On a Premium class a large, duckbill spoiler sweeps adult from a back rug for increasing downforce. The permit image hilt has been forsaken down to a back bumper, simplifying a case opening and contributing to a low centre of gravity. Three-dimensional back taillights hang around a back rug and mix into trim frame along a case line to form a wide, connected rear.

GR engineers also stretched their creativity in seeking weight assets on a GR86. The front fenders and roof row are now assembled of aluminum, in further to an already-aluminum hood. Other examples of weight-shaving skill come from a use of constructional adhesives in a underbody, a creosote fuel door, new light-weight front chair frames, a redesigned EPS, and changes to a driveline and engine block.

Driver-Focused Cockpit

GR86 comforts Toyota’s Smart Key System that functions on both a motorist and newcomer door. Once inside, drivers will find a horizontally configured instrument row for a purify margin of view. A push-button start fires adult a GR86-logo animation on a 7-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) multi-information display. Display calm varies formed on possibly drivers are in Normal, Sport, Snow or Track mode (MT offers Track mode only). Sport Mode throws a red ring around a speedometer for an assertive look. Track Mode was grown with competition motorist submit and prominently displays an RPM-band in a centre, oil and H2O coolant temperatures, and path timer.

The HVAC element has combined eccentric left/right heat adjustments and new, vast LED dials and piano-key switches are organised on a centre console for easy operation. A leather-wrapped steering circle has integrated controls for a audio system, hands-free calling, voice-recognition system, arrangement meters, and journey control; AT adds an ACC arrangement choice button. The Premium class gains aluminum competition pedals and footrest. Power windows come with automobile up/down and splash protection.

The Premium grade’s six-way tractable black and china accented front seats underline two-level heating and come upholstered in seperated Alcantara with leather side bolsters. Black and china accents continue by to a steering wheel, change boot, and palm brake. The bottom class has six-way tractable black G-embossed fabric with competition fabric side bolsters. Rear seats are lonesome with Alcantara on a Premium and competition fabric on a bottom grade.

A separate opening centre console provides twin crater holders or storage as needed, with one auxiliary audio and twin USB connectors inside. The AT chronicle has an open storage area in a centre as well. Door armrests have a prolonged pull-handle with easy entrance to in-door storage space.

An 8-inch touchscreen multimedia element with a six-speaker audio element comes on a bottom grade; that increases to an eight-speaker element on a Premium. The eight-speaker element now adds a “powerful” mode to a equalizer duty for an acoustic outcome that emphasizes low and high tones. For those who wish even some-more rumble, a dealer-installed 10-inch, 200W subwoofer is accessible for possibly grade. Either element comes finish with Wired Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility, Bluetooth® for hands-free phone capability, a SiriusXM® 3-month Platinum Plan trial, and a three-year hearing entrance to a apartment of accessible connected services (with additional subscription).

New Era Customized

Drivers that wish even some-more from their GR86 can daub into an all-new line of Toyota Gazoo Racing accessories.

For some additional growl, there’s a twin cat-back GR opening empty with immaculate steel focussed pipes, black chrome tips, and debossed GR logo. There’s also a GR opening atmosphere intake kit, with a incomparable airbox and opening atmosphere filter. A bolt-on GR strut tie prop and GR opening stabilizer bar are also available.

MT aficionados can separate seconds between gears with a GR discerning shifter kit. A GR etched trademark change doorknob is accessible for MT or AT. GR front stop pads are also accessible and for combined character there’s 18-inch black or 17-inch bronze GR wheels.

Gloss black, incomparable GR logoed buffer opening inserts supplement a hold of shine. Add a transparent film paint insurance pack for a hood, fender, and front buffer or stainless-steel doorway corner guards to keep dings away. All-weather GR branded building mats and load tray or runner GR building mats assistance strengthen a interior. And for drivers looking to make a statement, there’s a vinyl GR striking for a side rocker and a GR86 logoed back buffer applique.

GR86 Safety Connected Services

The Automatic Transmission GR86 comes with a customary active reserve element that includes Pre-Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Throttle Management, Lane Departure Warning, Sway Warning, Lead Vehicle Start Alert, and High Beam Assist. An anti-theft element with engine immobilizer and alarm are also standard.

All grades of a GR86 come with Toyota’s Star Safety System™, that includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), and Brake Assist (BA). It also includes Smart Stop Technology® (SST), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Track Mode, and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC). Additional reserve comforts embody LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) with revoke anchors on outboard back seats and fasten anchors on all back seats, and a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS). Seven airbags are customary on all models, including a driver’s knee airbag for 2022.

Remote services are now accessible for extended reserve and security. Available services include:

Remote Connect (Complimentary 3 Year Trial – Requires Subscription)

  • Engine Starter (On Automatic Transmission)
  • Advanced Climate Control
  • Vehicle Locator
  • Lock/Unlock, Hazards/Lights
  • Diagnostic Alert
  • Monthly Vehicle Health Reports
  • Service Usage Report
  • Geo Fencing, Speed Alert, Curfew
  • Horn

Safety Connect (Complimentary 3 Year Trial – Requires Subscription)

  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
  • SOS Emergency Assistance
  • Automatic Collision Notification
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service

The 2022 GR86 pricing will be common before to a approaching attainment during Toyota dealerships in Dec 2021.

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