Weeks after the devastating floods in Alberta, relief efforts are still in full force. The Blue Oval has been providing help in the province, and was again active on a recent day in July, when Alberta Ford dealership staff and volunteers worked to lend a hand to victims in High River, Alta.

The day began with volunteers from Lacombe Ford, Drayton Valley Ford, Nisku Ford, the Edmonton Direct Impact team, and members from the Ford of Canada Western region, meeting in Red Deer, Alta. Lacombe and Drayton Valley Ford filled an entire 47-passenger motor coach with supplies to be donated.

From Red Deer, the convoy proceeded south to High River Ford to meet with dealer Paul Morrison and his staff. The magnitude of the flood, and the state the town was left in, quickly became apparent.

A look at the devastation left by the flood in High River, Alta.


Volunteers headed over to the rodeo grounds where the Red Cross set up stations for relief supplies and support. Here, all new household items, non-perishable food, PPE (personal protective equipment), and bottled water were donated. Some volunteers worked to unload donations and supplies to the Salvation Army for distribution, while others focused on cleaning up neighbourhoods in High River.

All in all, the day was a success: the volunteer team was able to get donations in the hands of several organizations determined to help High River residents affected by the flood. In addition, they were able to help a neighborhood that was left in devastation. Those affected by the flooding remain in our thoughts every day.

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