ACCIONA to supply renewable electricity to the SEAT and Volkswagen plants in Spain

ACCIONA has been awarded the electric energy supply of all the SEAT group and Volkswagen industrial installations in Spain, in a move that will supply them with renewable energy throughout 2014 amounting to an estimated volume of around 600 GWh (million kilowatt-hours).

The agreement reached between ACCIONA Green Energy Developments and the factories belonging to the German group in Spain will see energy supplied to the Martorell and Zona Franca factories, Gearbox in El Prat de Llobregat, and the Volkswagen Navarra facilities in Pamplona. 100% of the energy provided by ACCIONA will be obtained from renewable sources, with a certificate of origin issued by Spain’s National Energy Commission.

By being awarded this contract, ACCIONA broadens out into the automotive sector its activities of supplying renewable energy to the final customer, an area which already includes major customers in the scope of infrastructures and public services, such as Adif, Aena, Telefónica, Metro de Madrid, Roca, Tetrapak, Grupo Corío, APM Terminals, Museo Nacional del Prado, Canal Isabel II Gestión and Acuamed, among others.

Santiago Gómez Ramos, Director of ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, has stated that they are “very pleased that the SEAT group and Volkswagen Spain are relying on ACCIONA to supply their industrial electricity needs, a move that consolidates our business as an electrical energy provider to large customers and demonstrates that renewables are a clearly competitive choice for customers in our country”.

Marketing energy to large customers is a business unit with which ACCIONA, global leader in the development, construction, exploitation and operation of renewable energy facilities, completes its presence throughout the entire energy sector value chain.

Dieter Seemann, SEAT executive Vice-president for Purchasing, has pointed out that “within the framework of the company’s commitment to the environment, we conduct our work following sustainable criteria in terms of CO2 emissions reduction and energy efficiency”. For years, the Spanish brand has had a ‘green contract’ that ensures that the electricity it purchases is obtained wholly from renewable energy. Acciona is a prominent global operator in the field of clean energy, and as such warrants the choice for a new electrical energy supply partner.

Volkswagen Navarra General Manager Patrick Danau points out that the measure is yet another way of materializing the Think Blue Factory strategy of commitment to the environment that is currently being implemented by Volkswagen.