Watching the Super Bowl this year got the wheels spinning for us at the Ford Blog. We saw plenty of great commercials and this made us think, “Hey, Ford must have made some pretty hilarious videos over the years. Why not make a blog post to show them off?”

So, let’s get down to business. Here are the 8 Funniest Ford Videos from Around the Globe, gleaned from both TV and the web. 

Ford Explorer YouTube Video with Nelly 

Rapper/singer Nelly is the star of this commercial, which showcases the Ford Explorer’s sound system. We learn a lot about Nelly, like the fact that he doesn’t like fireworks. Who knew? And the funny exchanges between him and the director are definitely worth a view.


Mustang Car Chase

A cop car chases down a Ford Mustang through the grimy streets of a city. Sure that’s cool, but the real surprise is who’s actually driving the Mustang.


Giant Gorilla Meets the Ford Ranger

A King Kong-type gorilla uses a Ford Ranger as a toy. Unlike the monsters King Kong fights in the movies, this truck doesn’t suffer any damages. From the off-kilter music to the weird gorillas, I can see this ad freaking some people out. However, it’s a great example of Built Ford Tough, don’t you think?


Rock It Like Block

This commercial features professional rally driver Ken Block using a Ford Fiesta to run his errands. I only wish that when I empty the trash, it could be this cool.


Ford Everest Bear

In this ad, a tiny animated bear goes on an adventure after getting lost in the woods away from his family. The next time I’m feeling lazy and need inspiration to hit the gym, I’m gonna watch this bear. Talk about perseverance!


1985 Ford Truck Commercial

How tough is Built Ford Tough? This commercial from the ’80s shows just how powerful Ford trucks are. The ad features an actual Ford carrying a Chevy on its bed and towing a Dodge up a mountain. ’Nuff said.


The Parisian Pinball Park

What happens when you install a pinball machine above an extremely tight parking spot in Paris? Comedic genius. This video showcases some of the worst parallel parkers La VilleLumière (The City of Light) has to offer. And to top it off, the worst driver gets a prize.


Zombie Escape

Zombies are the monsters of the moment right now. This video, created by Canadian director Patrick Boivin, takes a look at what happens when the undead meet the 2013 Escape. Props goes to Patrick because these Zombies look scary — and having a zombie chew on a dismembered arm is a nice touch. It should be noted that this video has a special place in our hearts because the Ford Blog helped create it. #JustSayin


Tell us which is your favourite in the comments section!