50 years of Mercedes-Benz Accident Research.

For 50 years now, Mercedes-Benz experts have examined serious accidents involving current vehicles bearing the three-pointed star. The insights of Mercedes‑Benz Accident Research are incorporated into the improvement and design of updated and new models. 

Established in 1969, Mercedes-Benz Accident Research is one of the oldest departments of this kind in the global automotive industry. Since then, the teams have examined and reconstructed more than 4,700 traffic accidents. “The comprehensive approach of Mercedes-Benz safety development pursues two objectives, preventing accidents and mitigating the consequences of them,” emphasises Professor Rodolfo Schöneburg, Mercedes-Benz Centre Manager for Vehicle Safety, Operational Stability and Corrosion Protection. “Our safety philosophy is ‘real-life safety’. In addition to simulations and crash tests, what actually happens in accidents is an important aspect for us. Our accident research provides crucial insights from real accidents.”