2019 BMW TrackMan Open.

  • Global and digital golf tournament, in that amateurs can take on
    a best players in a world, attracts 2,465 entrants.
  • Chris Killmer (USA) and Tzu-Chi Lin (TPE) infer unbeatable again
    in deteriorate two.
  • Top amateurs Frida Kinhult (SWE) and Frederik Eisenbeis (GER) win
    week tickets to a Ryder Cup 2020 with Worldwide Partner BMW.

Munich. The second deteriorate of a BMW TrackMan Open has drawn to
a close. The series of “Combine Tests”, that contingency be finished and
uploaded in sequence to enter a tournament, rose by 3 percent to
3,974. In this tellurian contest format, that boasts a sum prize
purse of 100,000 US dollars, a correctness of golf shots is recorded
digitally and a measure is submitted in genuine time. The Open Category
was won for a second year in a quarrel by American Chris Killmer, who
softened his winning measure from 2018 by half a indicate to 94.5. Tzu-Chi
Lin from Taiwan (Ladies) also successfully shielded her pretension and
softened from 91.3 to 93.1 points.

“BMW has been a tellurian partner of golf for some-more than 3 decades,
during that time it has consistently stretched a joining and
damaged new ground,” pronounced Jörn Plinke, Head of BMW Golfsport Marketing.
“With a extraordinary, stretchable and particular contest format,
a BMW TrackMan Open is a good instance of this and has once again
demonstrated a technological care of BMW and TrackMan in their segment.”

The TrackMan is a tablet-sized device for analysing and evaluating
golf shots. It uses prophesy and radar record to precisely record
distance, bar conduct speed and conflict angle, among other things. In
sequence to enter a BMW TrackMan Open, competitors contingency finish the
“Combine Test”: 60 shots during a sum of 10 practical targets, with a
limit measure of 100 points.

Chris Killmer was rewarded for achieving a best outcome of all of
this season’s entrants (94.5 points) with a winner’s coupon for 50,000
US dollars. The Ladies Category foe featured 20,000 US dollars
in esteem income for this year’s leader Tzu-Chi Lin (93.1 points).
Almost each tenth chairman who entered a 2019 BMW TrackMan Open was
womanlike – a arise of 22 percent compared to final year.

One underline of a BMW TrackMan Open is a fact that this tournament
format allows amateurs to go conduct to conduct with professionals. Frida
Kinhult (Ladies, 89.8 points) from Sweden and Germany’s Frederik
Eisenbeis (Open category, 90.9 points) were this season’s top
amateurs. They won week tickets to subsequent year’s golfing highlight, the
Ryder Cup with Worldwide Partner BMW.

“2,500 participants from 77 nationalities are a covenant to the
truly tellurian inlet of a BMW TrackMan Open, that aims to give
golfers of all ability levels a event to use with a
purpose,” pronounced Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen, CEO and co-founder of TrackMan.
“TrackMan and BMW share a passion for creation and record so we
couldn’t have selected a improved partner for this project.”