100 days to go until a Dakar Rally: A competition opposite time for Audi Sport

Audi is rebellious one of a biggest hurdles in general motorsport, utterly deliberately regulating a singular concept. The Audi RS Q e-tron has an electric powertrain with dual motor-generator units (MGUs) from Formula E. While a automobile is in motion, a high-voltage battery is charged by an appetite converter consisting of a fit TFSI engine from a DTM and another MGU. 

“The antecedent of a Audi RS Q e-tron was combined in around twelve months,” says Julius Seebach, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH and obliged for motorsport during Audi. The rollout on Jun 30th, 2021 in Neuburg an der Donau and a start on Jan 1, 2022 in Ha’il (Saudi Arabia) are distant by merely 6 months. “That’s a really brief time to ready for such a formidable project. we can't stress this mostly enough: The Audi RS Q-e-tron is a many worldly automobile in terms of record that Audi Sport has ever deployed in racing.”

Andreas Roos, Project Leader for all factory-backed motorsport activities, can usually endorse that: “The Dakar is intensely severe – even for a conventionally powered vehicle. With a powertrain concept, a plea is clearly greater. The framework and cessation do not entail vital differences, though we have a lot some-more components in a automobile that have to be not usually high-performing, lightweight and functioning reliably underneath a impassioned conditions of a Dakar. They also have to be attuned to any other ideally and work together smoothly.” 

A conventionally powered Dakar automobile facilities dual vital components: a inner explosion engine and a transmission. “In a Audi RS Q e-tron, we have an electric engine during a front axle, an electric engine during a back axle, a high-voltage battery and a appetite converter, consisting of another MGU and a TFSI engine from a DTM,” says Roos. “And any of these components, for instance, requires a dedicated cooling system. That means we have not usually one cooling complement in a automobile though as many as six, including a intercooler and atmosphere conditioning complement for a motorist and co-driver.” 

Packaging is another vital emanate with such a formidable vehicle. “We had to make use of each centimeter to accommodate all a components in a car,” says Roos. That comes during a cost of palliate of service. “For instance, changing a front-axle differential still takes a lot of time during a moment. That contingency be practicable faster during a Dakar and is one of a issues we’re now operative on underneath large time pressure.”