Whether on the daily commute, picking up the kids from volleyball practice, or heading out of town for the weekend, we all spend a lot of time with our bums firmly planted in the driver’s seat. In fact, a quarter of Canadians commute for 90 minutes or more each day. That sitting time really adds up … that’s 21,600 minutes in a year!

When you look at the numbers, all of that sitting can potentially cause some real discomfort. That’s exactly why Ford has your back (and your backside) in our continuous pursuit of a seat design that provides you with better posture support. Through ongoing research and a commitment to innovative solutions, it’s all about making your drive time as comfy as can be.

Ford is dedicated to the science of sitting, and finding the safest, most comfortable and most ergonomically-friendly seat possible. This Infographic details many of the stats that support the need for a more comfortable seat, and the ways that Ford is making it happen.

Consider it the Science of Sitting—Ford has a dedicated Global Seating Team headed by our very own Mike Kolich (fondly known as Dr. Derriere because of his talent for tuckus technologies), and a series of patents that are at the forefront of driver comfort. And not only are Ford seats comfy, but they’re eco-friendly too. In 2007 Ford pioneered the use of soy-based foam in our seats, as part of our mission to use more sustainable materials in our vehicles. Nice.

It’s all a part of Ford’s vision for a better driving experience, one bottom at a time.