WorldSBK: BMW Motorrad Motorsport earnings to a ‘Cathedral of Speed’.

Munich. BMW Motorrad Motorsport earnings to a ‘Cathedral of
Speed’. Having taken a year’s mangle due to a Coronavirus pandemic,
a FIM Superbike World Championship is returning to a TT Circuit
during Assen (NED) this entrance weekend (23rd to 25th July). The fifth
eventuality of a 2021 deteriorate will take place during a ancestral circuit in
north-eastern Netherlands. The initial motorbike competition in a region
took place as prolonged ago as 1925 and a permanent circuit was opened
in 1955. Racers and fans are equally eager about the
severe course, that boasts high speeds and quick changes of direction.


At Assen, a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team will be aiming to build on
a successful weekend during Donington Park (GBR), where Tom Sykes (GBR)
and Michael outpost der Mark (NED) available a initial WorldSBK podiums for
a new BMW M 1000 RR. The BMW satellite organisation MGM Racing will again be
competing with Jonas Folger (GER) during Assen. For inner reasons, the
RC Squadra Corse organisation will not be attending a Assen round.


Quotes brazen of a Assen round.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
“Assen is a unequivocally special circuit and we can unequivocally feel the
over 100 years of motorbike tradition in each corner. Of course, the
podiums during Donington Park have given us some additional movement for Assen,
though we know that we still have a lot of work brazen of us. Now we need
to behind adult a formula from Donington. The TT Circuit has a very
special character. It’s a quick lane blueprint with lots of disposition and
some high outward turns – these are a hurdles that we face during
setup for a BMW M 1000 RR. We are looking brazen to a Assen
weekend and also to a eager Dutch fans, who are certain to
beget a good atmosphere once again during a TT Circuit. We deeply
bewail that RC Squadra Corse is incompetent to attend during Assen and we
wish to see them behind on a lane again soon.”  


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“The organisation came divided from turn 4 during Donington Park with a
unequivocally certain state of mind. Both Tom and Michael reached a turn we
were anticipating in a successful eventuality with some lectern success. But more
critical for us is that a opening to a front is most reduced, which
is a target. We are going to Assen carrying had a clever performance
there a final time we were there in 2019. We aim to take over our
turn of opening from Donington Park over to Assen. For sure,
Michael will have a home territory advantage identical to Tom during Donington,
though in ubiquitous we trust a BMW M 1000 RR can opening strongly
during Assen. Overall, a expectations are that we can continue a good
work during Donington and continue to tighten a opening to a heading group.
If we attain in doing so we would be unequivocally happy.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “Obviously I
am unequivocally most looking brazen to Assen. On a behind of some strong
formula for a whole BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team during Donington we am
going to Assen perplexing to keep that movement going. We have certainly
found some improvements with a new BMW M 1000 RR and Assen to me is
a circuit we unequivocally enjoy. It’s a unequivocally sparkling lane and my target
would be to get behind on a podium. That’s what we am aiming for and
for my team-mate Michael, it’s his home race, so he will be pushing
for something extra. Overall we consider we have all mixture to try to
make it a successful weekend again. It will also be a pleasure to see
fans on a grandstands again after they already cheered us at
Donington so we am looking brazen to that as well.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Assen is a special competition for me, my home race, and we missed
it final year. It unequivocally is one of my favourite tracks, also
since we unequivocally suffer a quick and issuing bits. Especially a last
partial of a circuit is great; it’s quick and issuing and with a last
equivocation there is always unequivocally good movement there. We are creation steady
swell with a BMW M 1000 RR and during Donington we had a unequivocally good
weekend with both of a BMWs with finishing on a lectern in the
Superpole competition and Tom also reaching a lectern in competition two. We now
wish to continue this swell and of march it would be unequivocally nice
to even do a bit some-more during my home race. It is also illusory that we
will have fans during a grandstands for my home round. we am really
looking brazen to it.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “I am already
looking brazen to Assen. We have analysed a information from Donington in
fact and bound a error that we noticed. Now that we know what was
causing a problem, we have a strength to conduct to Assen and make a
certain start to a weekend. we wish a continue stays excellent and we am
looking brazen to a circuit. It is a good circuit that suits me
unequivocally well. We are aiming to record a transparent upswing in form.”