WorldSBK during San Juan: tip 6 outcome for Michael outpost der Mark in Saturday’s race.

San Juan. The initial competition of a FIM Superbike World
Championship (WorldSBK) Argentina turn finished with a tip 6 result
for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. Michael outpost der Mark (NED)
finished competition one during a ‘Circuito San Juan Villicum’ (ARG) in
sixth place with his BMW M 1000 RR. Eugene Laverty (IRL), standing
in again for Tom Sykes (GBR), was also on lane for a tip eight
before descending behind to 13th position during a shutting theatre of the
race. San Juan is hosting a penultimate turn of a 2021 WorldSBK season.


In Superpole on Saturday morning, outpost der Mark competent seventh with
Laverty in twelfth. At a start, outpost der Mark shortly fell behind but
shortly was behind to seventh while Laverty altered adult 3 positions to
exit a initial turns in ninth. Laverty afterwards altered adult to eighth on lap
five, right behind outpost der Mark. The dual BMW riders remained in those
positions until Laverty fell behind to tenth around a median indicate of
a race. Van der Mark sealed a opening to a tip 6 and claimed sixth
mark on path eleven, and that was a position he was in when taking
a checkered dwindle after 21 laps. Meanwhile, Laverty fought with blunt
weapons and crossed a line in 13th position.


Quotes after competition one during San Juan.


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Today has been a most improved day than FP1 and FP2 yesterday.
Both Michael and Eugene have done large stairs brazen as we expected
from yesterday’s performance. In Superpole, Michael usually narrowly
missed out a second quarrel and Eugene did good pursuit to get on the
fourth quarrel in twelfth position from where he had started a weekend
so going into competition one, both guys were in a most happier situation. I
consider a bikes are really comparison in set-up that is something that we
essay towards. Going into a race, both guys felt really comfortable.
Mostly a whole grid comparison a same behind tyre, a SCX which
valid to be a usually tyre suiting for these conditions. Mickey had a
plain race. From seventh position he battled to sixth. From there he
could not urge position notwithstanding a fact that his fastest path of
a competition came during a really end. This showed that we have a good basis
to work on overnight. In a final 5 or 6 laps, Mickey was first
or second quickest on lane though it only was not probable for him to
serve urge from sixth position. It was a good bid from him
currently and clearly fourth to sixth is a aim for tomorrow. Eugene
only fell behind a tiny bit towards a finish of a race. Before, he
was in a good position in a good organisation of riders though as a fuel load
went down, a change of his bike altered and he was not that
gentle anymore. We will work on that for tomorrow. Overall, it
was a not too-bad day. Obviously, we are essay for some-more but
generally we can contend that competition one was successful for both riders and
we are looking brazen to a Superpole competition and competition dual tomorrow.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “We
have done a large step brazen this morning in FP3 compared to
yesterday. we was happier with a bike. We done a tiny change during
a event and it was alright. Superpole was utterly good; starting
seventh on a grid was okay. we did not have a good start, though got
into a stroke and upheld some guys. It was a prolonged and a bit of a
tedious race. we had some tiny battles though had some stipulations trying
to pass people though in a finish we consider sixth isn’t that bad. Now we
have to find some tiny improvements on a bike and we will be excellent tomorrow.”


Eugene Laverty, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Superpole went utterly good for me. we managed to qualify
twelfth and was happy with a path time that we did with a qualifying
tyre. Also a commencement of a competition went well. we done a good start
and overtook some guys. After a few laps we was adult in eighth position.
With a full tank of fuel, a bike was feeling really good but
unfortunately once a fuel bucket went down a bike became very
formidable for me and we was struggling towards a finish so we need to
re-balance a bike to make it improved for whenever a fuel tank goes
empty. That’s a devise for tomorrow and we am assured that it won’t
be such a large pursuit and that we will be a tiny bit stronger towards
a finish of a races tomorrow.”