With normal sporting suggestion in a name of John Cooper: The MINI Anniversary Edition.

Munich. The name John Cooper, innate 98 years ago
today, stands not usually for good successes in Formula 1, though also for
a normal sporting suggestion of a MINI brand. 60 years ago, John
Cooper laid a foundations for a mythological racing feat in the
classical Mini. It was a commencement of a partnership between MINI
and a Cooper Family that continues today.  The common tradition
stretches from a really initial Mini Cooper, launched in Sep 1961,
to a sporty John Cooper Works models in a stream denote range.

To symbol a anniversary, a British reward code is presenting a
special book of a MINI 3-door that combines a lapse to history
with state-of-the-art technology. The MINI Anniversary Edition is a
reverence to John Cooper, who upheld divided in 2000, and a covenant to
how limit pushing pleasure is enjoyed in his name today, in the
reward tiny automobile segment.

Exclusive pattern and apparatus comforts make a Anniversary Edition
 an appealing tender for MINI fans around a universe who are
ardent about a brand’s sporting history, closely compared with
a John Cooper name. The special book will be accessible as MINI
Cooper 3-door (fuel expenditure combined: 6.1 – 5.5 l/100 km according
to WLTP, 5.5 – 5.3 l/100 km according to NEDC; CO2 emissions combined:
138 – 124 g/km according to WLTP, 127 – 120 g/km according to NEDC),
MINI Cooper S 3-door (fuel expenditure combined: 6.7 – 6.2 l/100 km
according to WLTP, 6.5 – 6.2 l/100 km according to NEDC; CO2 emissions
combined: 151 – 140 g/km according to WLTP, 149 – 142 g/km according
to NEDC) and MINI John Cooper Works (fuel expenditure combined: 7.1 –
6.8 l/100 km according to WLTP, 7.1 – 6.9 l/100 km according to NEDC;
CO2 emissions combined: 161 – 155 g/km according to WLTP, 163 – 158
g/km according to NEDC). Production is singular globally to only 740
units. The series of units accessible in this book refers to the
starting series 74, that a classical Mini Cooper wore on a first
successful competition lane appearance.

John Cooper warranted his standing as a racing colonize as early as the
1950s and with his mid-engine sports cars, he revolutionised Formula
1. His idea, that is still used today, of fixation a engine behind
a motorist instead of in front of him, helped Jack Brabham to secure
dual universe championship titles in 1959 and 1960 in Formula 1 Cooper
racing cars. With his gusto for unusual solutions, Cooper was
identical to his crony and associate engineer Alec Issigonis, who in turn
had caused a series in a tiny automobile shred with a classic
Mini. John Cooper immediately recognized a sporting intensity of the
compress four-seater and instituted a construction of a tiny series
of vehicles with incomparable brakes and an increasing engine outlay from 34
to 55 hp. The Mini Cooper was innate and became an present success. The
Cooper code and a name lettering surrounded by a red ring now
became famous. Two years later, a even some-more absolute Mini Cooper S
followed, that laid a substructure for 3 altogether victories during the
Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

From afterwards on, Cooper tuning kits for a brand’s prolongation vehicles
enjoyed flourishing popularity. And even before a marketplace launch of the
complicated MINI in 2001, a John Cooper Works code was created. With
this brand, John Michael “Mike” Cooper, a son of the
Formula 1 group boss, continued a team-work with MINI.

Since 2008, John Cooper Works models have been during a tip of a MINI
operation as tip athletes – now with adult to 225 kW/306 hp and suspension
record grown with racing know-how. The corner sporting career
of MINI and John Cooper Works has been apparent in new times by six
altogether successes in a Dakar Rally. In a latest generation,
Charlie Cooper contributes, as a racing motorist and code ambassador,
to continue a partnership between his family and MINI.

Nuances of a common story of MINI and a Cooper Family can be
found both on a extraneous and in a interior of a new edition
vehicles. As early racing cars designed by John Cooper were
recognizable by their immature paintwork with white accents, a MINI
Anniversary Editions are offering in British Racing Green metallic.
Alternatively, Midnight Black lead various is available, and for
MINI John Cooper Works a Rebel Green physique colour is also offered.
All paint finishes are total with a roof, extraneous counterpart caps,
doorway handles and surrounds for a headlights and behind lights in
white. Other extraneous trim elements are offering in Piano Black high gloss.

These extraneous comforts are complemented by white carp stripes and
a red accent line, a series 74 on a carp and doors of a edition
vehicles, is suggestive of a start of a sporting career, as the
classical Mini Cooper once wore a starting series 74 when it won its
initial category on a racetrack.

The MINI Anniversary Edition combines a essence of a John Cooper
Works Trim with denote disdainful comforts that emphasize a sporty
impression and a recognition of a chronological roots. For example, the
cessation with frequency-selective damping is supplemented by 18-inch
John Cooper Works light-alloy wheels in Circuit Spoke 2-tone design.
The “COOPER” name trademark can be found on a doorway sill trims,
on a side scuttles, on a C-pillars and on a core spoke of the
Nappa sports leather steering wheel.

The interior apparatus of a book includes John Cooper Works
sports seats in Dinamica/leather Carbon Black finish, an
anthracite-coloured headliner, immaculate steel pedal set and interior
trim in  Piano Black high-gloss. The red ring from a strange John
Cooper trademark adorns a luggage cell lid and a interior
aspect on a newcomer side. On a driver’s side, a interior
aspect comforts a signatures of John, Mike and Charlie Cooper. As a
serve denote of a disdainful impression of a edition, the
inside of a driver’s doorway support comforts an button with John
Cooper’s signature, a handwritten note “1 of 740” and the

The disdainful and sporty demeanour of a book vehicles can be rounded
off with comparison retrofit options from a Original MINI Accessories
range. The MINI Waistline Finisher in Piano Black completes the
appealing contrariety between black and white trim elements on the
exterior. Other options embody a MINI Sport aerial and tailpipe trims
in CO finish. Punched and slotted John Cooper Works stop discs
are also accessible for a MINI John Cooper Works in a Anniversary Edition.


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Fuel consumption, CO2 glimmer total and energy expenditure were
totalled regulating a methods compulsory according to Regulation VO (EC)
2007/715 as amended. They impute to vehicles on a automotive market
in Germany. For ranges, a NEDC total take into account
differences in a comparison circle and tyre size, while a WLTP
total take into comment a effects of any discretionary equipment.

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exam cycle. NEDC values listed have been distributed behind to a NEDC
dimensions procession where applicable. WLTP values are used as a
basement for a clarification of taxes and other vehicle-related levies
that are (also) formed on CO2 emissions and, where applicable, for
a functions of vehicle-specific subsidies. Further information on
a WLTP and NEDC dimensions procedures is also accessible during www.bmw.de/wltp can be found.

For serve sum of a executive fuel expenditure total and
executive specific CO2 emissions of new cars, greatfully impute to the
“Manual on a fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption
of new cars”, accessible during sales outlets, from Deutsche Automobil
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