For the Ford Fiesta City Swap Challenge, we found a group of friends from Montreal and a group of friends from Toronto. Each group then drove a Ford Fiesta to the opposite city for a weekend full of #FiestaMoments. Watch the video and count the #FiestaMoments for each team to find out who came out on top.

Team Montreal was made up of Jessica, Kaycie, and Nickole. They took their Ford Fiesta to Toronto for some good eats, some incredible shopping, and a citywide art show.

Team Toronto included Andy, Janina and, Lindsey. They drove their Ford Fiesta to Montreal for a weekend full of sightseeing, shopping, and a firsthand experience of the Montreal fashion scene.

As you can probably tell, both groups had a ton of fun and had some memorable #FiestaMoments. Do you think there’s something else our groups could have done in Montreal or Toronto? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook, or Tweet us @FordCanada.