When efficiency and sporting excellence combine: the new BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and new BMW M340d xDrive Touring.

Munich. Two extremely efficient high-performance
models are joining the BMW M line-up in the premium midsize segment.
The six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo
technology fitted in the BMW M340d xDrive Sedan (fuel consumption
combined: 5.7 – 5.3 l/100 km [49.6 – 53.3 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions
combined: 149 – 139 g/km) and BMW M340d xDrive Touring (fuel
consumption combined: 5.8 – 5.4 l/100 km [48.7 – 52.3 mpg imp]; CO2
emissions combined: 153 – 143 g/km) produces exceptional pulling power
while attaining similarly impressive levels of efficiency. The
3.0-litre unit generates maximum output of 250 kW/340 hp and peak
torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft). The inclusion of 48V mild hybrid
technology, meanwhile, has led to a further reduction in fuel
consumption and emissions. Thanks to their comprehensive arsenal of
exhaust gas treatment technologies, including an SCR catalytic
converter with AdBlue injection, the most powerful diesel variants of
the new BMW 3 Series also comply with the future Euro 6d emissions standard.

The arrival of the new BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and
BMW M340d xDrive Touring in April 2020 bring that inimitable M feeling
to a diesel-fuelled BMW 3 Series for the first time. The potent engine
in the new BMW M models teams up with an eight-speed Steptronic Sport
transmission, bespoke chassis technology and intelligent all-wheel
drive. M Sport suspension – including variable sport steering – and
M Sport brakes are fitted as standard on both models, likewise the
M Sport differential. M-specific exterior features with optimised
aerodynamic properties are part of an overall package that leaves no
stone unturned in the provision of supreme performance. The new
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just
4.6 seconds, while the new BMW M340d xDrive Touring completes the same
sprint in 4.8 seconds. The combination of pulsating driving
characteristics and a cockpit focusing squarely on the enjoyment of
intense driving pleasure guarantees an enthralling experience of high
performance at work.

Exceptional power delivery meets exemplary efficiency: the
six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo
technology and 250 kW/340 hp.

The new M models in the BMW 3 Series line-up owe their unmistakable
character in no small part to outstanding power delivery coupled with
rock-bottom fuel consumption and emissions given the performance at
hand. Their 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line diesel engine features a
crankcase and cylinder head both made from aluminium. Frictional
losses in the base engine are reduced by measures including a wire-arc
sprayed steel coating for the cylinder bores.

The power unit’s BMW TwinPower Turbo technology comprises a two-stage
turbocharging system with optimised thermodynamics and direct charge
air cooling, along with common-rail direct injection using piezo
injectors. To ensure exceptionally sharp turbocharger response, the
system’s high-pressure and low-pressure stages both feature variable
turbine geometry. The further developed direct injection system, whose
injectors now operate at a maximum 2,700 bar, ensures a precisely
metered supply of fuel and extremely clean combustion. Integral
pressure sensors enable up to ten injections per stoke. Engine
response and efficiency also benefit from an intake system with
optimised air routing, whose upgraded design enhances the power unit’s
acoustics as well. Extensive engine encapsulation measures ensure the
straight-six is particularly easy on the ears – and at the same time
helps to optimise warm-up behaviour. Specially developed for the new
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring, the diesel unit’s
peak torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) is on stream from just 1,750 rpm,
while maximum output of 250 kW/340 hp arrives at 4,400 rpm.

Mild hybrid technology with a 48V starter-generator increases
dynamism and efficiency.

The inclusion of mild hybrid technology allows the engine to build
power with an even greater sense of urgency. The 48V starter-generator
fitted in the new BMW M models creates an electric boost effect that
instantly puts an additional 8 kW/11 hp on tap. This extra input
augments power delivery under hard acceleration and increases
efficiency at regular speeds. The electrical power required here is
stored in a 48V battery that is charged by recuperating energy under
braking or on the overrun. Plus, additional energy can be supplied to
the 48V battery by raising the engine’s load point.

The power generated in this way assists the engine when travelling at
a constant speed, too, meaning it can operate within an
efficiency-optimised load range as often as possible. As a result,
there are fewer spikes in fuel consumption. The mild hybrid technology
has the additional benefit of improving the operation of the Auto
Start Stop and coasting functions. The 48V generator allows the engine
to be deactivated with very little vibration and restarted smoothly
during brief stops at junctions or in traffic jams. When braking, the
engine can be switched off at speeds below 15 km/h (9 mph) already.
The coasting function available when the Driving Experience Control
switch is set to ECO PRO or COMFORT mode also shuts the engine down
completely, creating further potential for lowering fuel consumption.

M Sport exhaust system generates stirring soundtrack, exhaust
gas treatment complies with the Euro 6d emissions standard.

The straight-six diesel engine in the new BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and
BMW M340d xDrive Touring backs its exhilarating power delivery with a
highly distinctive aural accompaniment. Both models are equipped as
standard with an M Sport exhaust system whose rear silencer culminates
in a pair of trapezoidal tailpipes.

With a view to minimising emissions, the diesel engine in the new
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring includes an
efficient low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation circuit and an
extremely powerful three-way high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation
circuit. Added to which, the two-stage NOX exhaust re-treatment system
fitted as standard by BMW in diesel-engined models since 2012 has been
further developed. The close-to-engine component of the exhaust gas
treatment system with BMW BluePerformance technology comprises a
diesel oxidation catalyst and an SCR coating in the diesel particulate
filter. A second SCR catalyst has been integrated at the exit of the
close-to-engine system to minimise nitrogen oxide emissions (NOX). The
new BMW M models in the BMW 3 Series range therefore comply with the
requirements of the Euro 6d emissions standard not due to come into
force until 2021.

Sublime power transfer: eight-speed Steptronic Sport
transmission, BMW xDrive and M Sport differential as standard.

The powerful straight-six diesel hooks up as standard with the
latest-generation eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, whose
ratio spacing is perfectly attuned to the power unit’s performance
characteristics. As well as super-sharp gear shifts, the transmission
stands out with its optimised hydraulic control system, low converter
slip and effective damping of rotational irregularities. Shift paddles
on the steering wheel enable lightning-fast manual interventions in
the gear selection process. There is also a Launch Control function
for accelerating off the line with full dynamic intent.

The intelligent all-wheel-drive system in the new
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring enables fully
variable distribution of drive power between the front and rear wheels
using an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer
case. Working in tandem with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control)
system, BMW xDrive reacts to changes in the driving situation with
great precision and in a fraction of a second, maximising traction,
agility and handling stability in all weather and road surface
conditions, and when the driver explores the car’s sporting
capabilities. The system’s rear-biased setup helps to produce the
driving experience expected of an M car, and is especially pronounced
with the Driving Experience Control switch set to SPORT or SPORT+
mode. Judicious apportioning of even more power to the rear wheels
increases turn-in agility, in particular.

The M Sport differential for the rear axle – another standard feature
linked with both DSC and the all-wheel-drive system – ensures power is
transferred to the road with even greater precision. The fully
variable locking function is able to limit speed equalisation between
the inside and outside wheel through corners so that the car’s agility
and cornering prowess rise to new levels under hard driving. This
helps the driver to power out of bends with extra dynamic verve. In
situations where the road surface offers differing levels of adhesion
for the left and right rear wheels, the M Sport differential increases
traction and handling stability by preventing slip at the wheel
struggling for grip.

Standard: M Sport suspension and variable sport steering.

Like the engine and power transmission tech, the chassis systems on
board the BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring are
designed to deliver supreme performance. Both models are equipped as
standard with M Sport suspension, which extracts the full dynamic
handling potential offered by the double-joint spring strut front axle
/ five-link rear axle combination on the new BMW 3 Series to
exhilarating effect. The M Sport package brings a ten-millimetre drop
in ride height, M-specific elastokinematics and lift-related dampers.
The latter combine extra hydraulic damping on rebound at the front
axle with a compression-limiting system at the rear, enabling
continuously variable, progressive adjustment of damper firmness in
response to spring travel. Vibrations experienced during dynamic
cornering or on bumpy road surfaces can therefore be smoothed out with
unruffled assurance.

Alternatively, customers can opt for Adaptive M suspension with
electronically controlled dampers. This system of damper control
offers extremely finely metered spring and damping responses and
adapts constantly to both driving style and road surface conditions.
The compression and rebound stages are tweaked independently of one
another to match the situation at hand. The damping characteristics
can be adjusted using the Driving Experience Control switch. SPORT and
SPORT+ modes optimise dynamic driving and create a noticeable contrast
to the more comfort-oriented damper responses in COMFORT and ECO PRO modes.

Both the standard M Sport suspension and optional Adaptive
M suspension join forces with variable sport steering, whose
Servotronic speed-sensitive power assistance helps to give the cars
unshakable straight-line poise and accurate turn-in through
dynamically taken corners. The variable ratio adjusts to changes in
the steering angle, further enhancing comfort. It allows drivers to
perform low-speed manoeuvres with minimal steering wheel movement and
without changing their grip on the wheel, at the same time as
increasing agility on twisty sections of road.

M Sport brakes and M light-alloy wheels with mixed-size tyres.

Outstanding stopping power and a pointedly sporty setup – headlined
by short pedal travel and a distinct pressure point – are the defining
characteristics of the M Sport brakes (also standard). Four-piston
fixed callipers and 348-millimetre discs at the front wheels and
single-piston floating callipers with 345-millimetre discs at the rear
form the basis for safe, supremely assured handling, while
blue-painted callipers bearing the M logo add a visual flourish.

Rounding off the chassis highlights on the new BMW M340d xDrive Sedan
and BMW M340d xDrive Touring are 18‑inch M light-alloy wheels with
mixed-size tyres measuring 225/45 R 18 at the front and 255/40 R 18 at
the rear. 19‑inch M light-alloy wheels in three designs can be found
on the options list alongside 19‑inch BMW Individual light-alloy
wheels, again with mixed-size tyres. The 19‑inch M light-alloy wheels
are also available with high-performance tyres.

M‑specific design features for the exterior and interior.

Signature BMW M exterior design features help to give the new
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring a distinctive look
that re-asserts their outstanding performance capabilities. The front
apron, side skirts and rear styling of both models have been crafted
to fulfil functional requirements in terms of cooling air supply and
aerodynamics. The new BMW M340d xDrive Sedan adds a body-coloured
M rear spoiler to the mix. The bespoke design elements on both models
also include a mesh-design BMW kidney grille and trapezoidal exhaust
tailpipes. BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline trim and a Cerium Grey
metallic finish for the exterior mirror caps, the air intake trim in
the front bumper, the surface of the BMW kidney grille mesh and its
surround, the tailpipes, and the model badge add to the exclusive
appearance of the BMW M duo.

The interior’s styling and equipment are focused entirely on
maximising enjoyment of the intense driving experience served up by
the car. The standard sports seats for the driver and front passenger
are upholstered in an M-specific combination of Sensatec and Alcantara
with contrast quilting in Blue, while an anthracite-coloured BMW
Individual headliner, an M leather steering wheel with multifunction
buttons and shift paddles, M pedals, M-specific floor mats and
interior trim strips in Aluminium Tetragon with accent strips in
Pearl-effect Chrome bring further touches of sporting flair to the interior.

As well as bespoke powertrain / chassis technology and M-specific
design features, the standard equipment roster for the
BMW M340d xDrive Sedan and BMW M340d xDrive Touring also includes
three-zone automatic climate control (with separate operation of the
temperature and ventilation settings both for the driver and front
passenger side and the rear compartment), ambient lighting, extended
storage and an automatically dimming rear-view mirror. Also featured
as standard in the new BMW M models are Park Distance Control with
sensors at the front and rear, BMW Live Cockpit Plus complete with
navigation system and 8.8-inch Control Display, and the Connected
Package Plus including Real Time Traffic Information, Remote Services,
Concierge Services and Apple CarPlay preparation.