Welcome to a BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016. Adventure and foe in Northern Thailand.

With usually dual weeks to a start of a fifth BMW Motorrad
International GS Trophy, a Southeast Asia 2016 edition, this GS
Trophy is moulding adult to be a biggest yet. Some 57 riders in 19
teams (three riders per team) representing 25 nations from around
a universe – together with 21 embedded reporters – will contest in
a week of journey riding, special tests and teamwork challenges.
Starting Feb 28, it’s a week that will also be about
experiencing life in a sleet forests of a hilly ‘Golden Triangle’
segment in Thailand´s Chiang Mai province, joining with the
healthy universe and celebrating a general society of
journey motorcycling that’s so closely compared to a BMW R
1200 GS.

Technical in Thailand.

This is a initial time a GS Trophy has visited a Asian
continent and so a eventuality will rivet an altogether opposite kind
of turf to that that has faced prior competitors. Past
editions have typically featured prolonged trails by timberland or
alpine regions. This time, says arch organiser and route
engineer Tomm Wolf, a competitors can design a slower gait though far
some-more technical challenges.

“The marks we will float will be dry and substantially utterly dusty
and most narrower than those we encountered in Canada and South
America. There will be some-more singular track, up-and-down, enduro-type
trails, rather than a far-reaching timberland roads of a prior GS Trophy.
The speeds will really be reduce and a trails will be more
severe to ride, though intensely nice.”

The GS Trophy competitors will as a effect be travelling a
shorter stretch over a week, though as any off-road supplement will know,
when speeds are low and a roving technical, prolonged days in the
saddle are certain to follow. Along a approach a competitors will take
partial in a array of hurdles that are unchanging with a GS
lifestyle and designed to practice their roving and navigation
skills, their believe of, and ability to live in, a natural
universe – and their ability to come together as a team.

“With a technicality in a riding, a competitors will
know some-more than ever that this is not a race,” explains Wolf.
“But given a meridian – we can design feverishness and steam – and the
modernized roving and sporting turn of a competitors, we can be
certain it will sojourn a tough competition.”

The Southeast Asia 2016 eventuality follows prior editions that
took place in Tunisia in 2008, Southern Africa in 2010, South
America in 2012 and Canada in 2014.

Who are a riders?

“The GS Trophy is a truly general eventuality for amateurs from
around a world, really most following a element of the
Olympics,” explains
BMW Motorrad’s organiser Mathias Horn.
“The riders are bland enthusiasts who by informal qualifiers
have won their place in what will be an knowledge so abounding and so
exciting. With each GS Trophy a eventuality evolves. This time we will
find ourselves in a Asian continent and so a knowledge and the
roving will be all-new. And we have 3 new teams as well, from
China, from Southeast Asia and an International Female Team.

“We are generally vehement to have a womanlike group along for this
edition. Women have always been a partial of a GS Trophy, holding
heading positions within a organization – and a few of these have
in a past ridden along with a competitors – though this is the
initial time we’ll have womanlike competitors.”

The bikes.

The competitors will float a swift of identical
specially-prepared 2016
BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles. The number
of GSs will be a towering 114 in sum – 100 of that will be R
1200 GS versions for a competitors, journalists, organisers and
special guests, with 14 R 1200 GS Adventures for a marshals.

Preparing a machines for a foe sourroundings has
compulsory usually a tiny series of modifications. All a GS bikes are
versed with an aluminium enduro engine guard, steel pile-up bars,
valve cover guards, headlight guard, wider continue footrests,
tractable footbrake push and a reserve screw for a oil filler
neck. All bikes will run on Metzeler Karoo 2 tyres.

“We’ve strong on equipping a bikes with what’s necessary
to cope with a conditions in a GS Trophy,” says Markus Meissner
from BMW Motorrad Aftersales. “Our bikes are already really well
prepared as standard, and within a product operation of Original BMW
Motorrad Accessories we offer all that is required to ride
and master a GS Trophy.”

Follow a event.

The GS Trophy starts and finishes nearby Chiang Mai, using from
Feb 28 to Mar 5. BMW Motorrad will safeguard a open have the
best opportunities to follow a event.

Media outlets will be means to entrance daily reports and images
by a
BMW Group Press Club: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com

The open will be means to follow a GS Trophy through
continual updates on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram
(#gstrophy) as good as on a website www.gstrophy.com.




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