Welcome! Audi electrifies with U.S. star Ken Block

Ken Block has done a name for himself as a convene and rallycross motorist given 2005. However, a 53-year-old is many famous worldwide for his elaborately constructed videos in that he drives high-performance vehicles to a extent during iconic locations. 

The partnership with Audi closes a round for Ken Block: “Audi is a code that lighted my passion for motorsport. we am intensely vehement to start this new chapter. Together, we will rise innovative projects and pull a bounds of electric mobility.”

Ken Block was a teen when a Audi quattro revolutionized a World Rally Championship and a Audi Sport quattro S1 stormed Pikes Peak in a USA in record time. These vehicles done Block dream of apropos a convene motorist himself.

Now, during his initial revisit to Audi, another dream came true: a American was authorised to expostulate several ancestral competition and convene cars from his favorite code himself. These enclosed a Audi Sport quattro S1, a Audi V8 quattro from a DTM and a unconventional Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo.

Of course, Ken Block didn’t skip a event to exam a many absolute electric automobile now in a AUDI AG indication range. “The Audi RS e-tron GT really astounded me,” says Block. “The pattern is artistic with good courtesy to fact and a ideal finish. The pushing knowledge is amazing: a automobile is impossibly quick and handles really well. The core of sobriety is really low so we can change instruction quickly.”

Ken Block is deliberate as a “petrol head” since of his history. But a American is also re-evaluating and has recently been contrast and racing several electric cars. He available a third fastest time in a final theatre of a 2020 Dakar Rally with an electric antecedent and won a initial competition of a “Projekt E” rallycross array during Höljes (Sweden) in a same year.

“Electric mobility is a future”, says Block. “I see a electric automobile as a jump brazen for us as a multitude in sequence to emanate something that can not usually revoke emissions and hopefully make a world a improved place. But not usually that: it’s also about performance. we adore anything that creates me go faster. Electric cars can do that. And as distant as sound goes, we have kids who don’t caring about that. They consider that a sound of electric cars is only as cold as a sound of inner explosion engines.”