Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivers 3.40 million vehicles in period to July

In January to July this year, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 3.40 million vehicles (January – July 2014: 3.56 million; -4.3 percent). Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 457,800 (July 2014: 491,600; -6.9 percent) vehicles to customers in July.

In Europe as a whole, the Volkswagen passenger Cars brand experienced a tailwind in the first seven months of the year and delivered 1.04 (1.00; +3.3 percent) million vehicles. Western Europe (without Germany) accounted for 558,200 (517,200; +7.9 percent) units. Deliveries in the home market of Germany rose by 5.9 percent to 360,700 (340,700) vehicles. There was a downward trend in sales up to July in central and eastern Europe; 118,100 (146,300; -19.3 percent) vehicles were delivered in this region. The main reason for this fall was the situation in Russia, where Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 42,500 (76,400; -44.3 percent) vehicles to customers.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the brand delivered 1.61 (1.72; -6.9 percent) million units, with the Chinese market (including Hong Kong) accounting for 1.48 (1.60; -7.7 percent) million deliveries. In the North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 343,600 (333,400; +3.1 percent) vehicles, including 205,700 (209,700; -1.9 percent) vehicles handed over to a new owner in the USA. In South America, deliveries from January to July fell to 288,400 (372,300; -22.5 percent) units. This figure included 214,400 (301,200; -29.0 percent) vehicles delivered in Brazil.