Volkswagen of Brazil supports the movement "Maio Amarelo – Atenção pela Vida" for more safety in traffic

Volkswagen of Brazil supports the international movement “Maio Amarelo – Atenção pela Vida”, which aims to encourage each person to adopt a safer and more responsible behavior, focusing on preserving their own lives and the lives of other citizens. Volkswagen of Brazil undertakes the commitment to publicize the importance of responsible driving to their related audiences, such as collaborators, families and consumers, through the external communication channels (digital media, such as Facebook and Twitter), internal (for collaborators) and corporate activities.
“The movement ‘Maio Amarelo – Atenção pela Vida’ promotes an important awareness on the importance of respect and responsibility of all people for a safer traffic. By supporting the action, Volkswagen of Brazil reinforces the concern over the safety of every citizen, between drivers and pedestrians, and the appreciation of life”, states Antonio Megale, the director of Government Affairs of Volkswagen on Brazil.

In addition to supporting the movement, Volkswagen of Brazil also develops other actions in the interests of traffic safety, such as the game “Autopolis”, which integrates the project “Jogo da Vida em Trânsito”, encourages citizenship and traffic safety, thus benefitting a total of 16.920 students and 564 teachers in the States of Amapá, Piauí and São Paulo.

The Volkswagen Foundation promotes “Jogo da Vida em Trânsito” for 16.920 students of the States of Amapá, Piauí and São Paulo.

The Volkswagen Foundation, which coordinates the social investments of Volkswagen of Brazil, has been investing, over the last 35 years, in projects with a focus on education and Social Development of low-income communities. Among the educational initiatives is the project “Jogo da Vida em Trânsito”, released in December 2011, which has benefitted 16.920 students and 564 teachers in 46 cities of the States of Amapá, Piauí and São Paulo so far.

The project “Jogo da Vida em Trânsito” focuses on raising the awareness of the future drivers with the game “Autopolis” and a script for the classes, which has been given the teachers, with suggestions of theme-related activities. The “Autopolis” is a virtual game which passes on the concepts of safety, law and citizenship, and has been developed in a partnership with Virgo Game Studios and the professor Gilson Schwartz, coordinator of the Cidade do Conhecimento of the University of São Paulo (USP). The game is available on the website of Volkswagen of Brazil ( or, you just have to select ‘Volkswagen Planet’; then, ‘Games’.

Volkswagen of Brazil has distributed 90 thousand educational pamphlets through its “Projeto Trânsito Consciente”.

Volkswagen of Brazil also promotes the “Projeto Trânsito Consciente” which, since 2010, has distributed a total of 90 thousand educational pamphlets on the theme to collaborators of the company, family, entities such as the Denatran (Nationall Traffic Department) and schools on the surrounding areas of the four Volkswagen factories in Brazil (São Bernardo do Campo, São Carlos e Taubaté in the State of São Paulo; besides São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná).

The Volkswagen Foundation benefits more than 1,3 million students in Brazil.

The Volkswagen Foundation offers ten projects, being seven Educational and three Social Development. Only through its educational projects, the institution has already benefited, over the last decade, until 2014, 1.374.630 students all over Brazil and offered continued education to 18 thousand educators of the public network of 407 cities in 13 States. The Social development projects have benefitted 26.598 million people.

In 2015, the Volkswagen Foundation will expand to 19 the number of Brazilian States served throughout its performance history. Besides Alagoas, Amapá, Bahia, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraíba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, this year the Volkswagen Foundation came to Mato Grosso, Sergipe and should extend the projects for the States of Amazonas, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul and Rio Grande do Norte.

The educational projects offered by the Volkswagen Foundation are “Aceleração da Aprendizagem”; “Aprendendo com Arte”; “Brincar”; “Entre na Roda”; “Jogo da Vida em Trânsito”; “Plataforma do Letramento” and “Pró-Educar Brasil”. The three Social development are “Costurando o Futuro”, “Volkswagen na Comunidade” and “Instituto Baccarelli”.

“Maio Amarelo – Atenção pela Vida”

The month of May was chosen by the international movement “Maio Amarelo – Atenção pela Vida” because on May 11th, 2011, the UN (United Nations) has announced the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011 to 2020). With this, the month of May has become a world reference for the balance of actions performed all around the world. In May is also celebrated the World Week of Pedestrian Safety and the World Day of Road Safety (11/5).

Inspired by movements such as “Pink October” and “Blue November” which respectively regard breast and prostate cancer, the “Yellow May” promotes activities devoted to awareness, the broad debate of the responsibilities and the evaluation of risks on the behavior of each citizens when engaged in their daily traffic activities. The yellow symbolizes the attention, as well as in semaphore signaling, so it was the color chosen for the logo of the movement. Every person or legal entity can participate, developing their own actions and materials.