Volkswagen Group delivers 2.27 million vehicles in initial entertain / 5.1 percent increase*

The Volkswagen Group delivered 2.27 (January-March 2012: 2.16; +5.1 percent)* million vehicles from Jan to March. The association handed over 864,400 (March 2012: 862,700; +0.2 percent)* vehicles to business in a month of March. “The Volkswagen Group showed fast growth during a high turn in a initial entertain and achieved somewhat improved than a altogether newcomer automobile market. Positive movement was confirmed in North America and China. Almost all other regions, however, quite a markets in Western Europe, sojourn influenced by doubt that is in some cases considerable. The information for Mar clearly uncover that a markets are apropos even some-more difficult”, Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler pronounced in Wolfsburg on Friday.

Group brands delivered 881,600 (936,900; -5.9 percent) vehicles on a altogether European marketplace in a initial entertain as direct for vehicles took a ubiquitous downturn; of this figure, 477,400 (507,100; -5.9 percent) units were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). In a home marketplace of Germany, 262,100 (282,400; -7.2 percent) business took possession of a new car, while Europe’s largest automaker delivered 142,100 (147,400; -3.6 percent) vehicles in a Central and Eastern Europe region. The smoothness trend in Russia remained somewhat positive, with 67,300 (66,000; +2.0 percent) units handed over to customers.

Developments on a American continent were mixed. Deliveries in a North America segment from Jan to Mar grew 14.9 percent to 205,700 (179,100), of that 142,800 (124,400; +14.7 percent) vehicles were delivered in a United States. In a South America region, on a other hand, there was a 4.5 percent decrease to 219,200 (229,400) units, of that 160,600 (164,500; -2.4 percent) vehicles were handed over in Brazil.

Group sum for a Asia-Pacific segment remained encouraging. 860,700 (726,100; +18.5 percent) vehicles were handed over to business there in a initial quarter, of that 769,200 (633,900; +21.3 percent) units were delivered in China, a Group’s largest singular market. Deliveries in India, however, fell to 25,900 (34,100; -24.0 percent) units.

Outline of developments during Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 1.43 (1.36; +5.2 percent) million vehicles to business worldwide from Jan to March. The code continued to rise good in a Asia-Pacific region, where deliveries ran during 653,500 (540,600; +20.9 percent). In a North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 145,700 (135,700; +7.3 percent) vehicles to customers, while deliveries on a altogether European market, that remained difficult, ran during 396,300 (441,800; -10.3 percent) units.

Audi delivered 369,500 (346,100; +6.8 percent) vehicles worldwide in a initial quarter. Deliveries by a reward code from Ingolstadt grown good in a Asia-Pacific region, where 124,200 (108,100; +14.9 percent) models were handed over to customers. Audi delivered 41,100 (36,000) vehicles in a North America segment during a same period, an boost of 14.1 percent.

The sports automobile manufacturer Porsche, that became a Volkswagen Group code on Aug 1, 2012, delivered a sum of 37,000 vehicles in a duration to March. Demand for models built by a Stuttgart-based carmaker was quite clever in a Asia-Pacific region, where 11,700 vehicles were handed over, and in a North America region, where deliveries ran during 10,500.

ŠKODA delivered a sum of 220,400 (242,700; -9.2 percent) vehicles in a initial 3 months. The Czech automaker handed over 53,900 (60,900; -11.5 percent) units to business in Central and Eastern Europe and – as a outcome of a downturn in India – 65,600 (72,600; -9.7 percent) vehicles in a Asia-Pacific region.

SEAT delivered 87,100 (80,100; +8.7 percent) vehicles worldwide in a duration to March, stability a ceiling trend of a initial dual months. Deliveries by a Spanish code grown quite good in Germany, where 16,600 (13,100) units, homogeneous to an boost of 26.9 percent, were handed over, in a UK, where a association delivered 11,500 (10,900; +5.2 percent), and Mexico, where 5,500 (5,100; +7.7 percent) vehicles were delivered.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles handed over 124,200 (130,700; -5.0 percent) vehicles to business in a initial quarter, of that 70,200 (80,400; -12.6 percent) units were delivered on a altogether European market. In contrast, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles available a 13.7 percent boost in a Asia-Pacific region, where a association handed over 4,400 (3,900) vehicles to customers.

*) including deliveries by a Porsche code from Aug 1, 2012; incompatible MAN and Scania