Volkswagen continues to hold its own well in the market


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• VW brand board member Arno Antlitz: “We are committed to our
  investment program”

The Volkswagen Group continues to hold its own well in the market despite the challenging conditions. “Our broad international presence is a key competitive advantage at times like these. We are expanding this strength further”, Dr. Arno Antlitz, Volkswagen brand board member for accounting and controlling, told 18,000 employees in a speech during a works meeting at the Wolfsburg plant on Tuesday. He emphasized that this success was the result of a strong team performance.

According to Antlitz, the respectable achievement to date is in part due to the long-term strategy which is being systematically implemented, the attractive product range, and sound finances. Antlitz said that Volkswagen could act from a position of strength. “And we are able to invest record sums in our future projects in spite of the crisis”, Antlitz added. He underscored that Volkswagen remained committed to its investment program. “That is what strengthens our competitiveness and lays the foundations for taking Volkswagen to the top.”

He went on to say that nonetheless, Volkswagen was not immune to the crisis in Europe. “We need solid earning power and a competitive cost position”, Antlitz commented, adding that there was therefore a need for further belt-tightening over the coming months at all levels, in all departments, in all regions and at all plants – “without jeopardizing the market success of our vehicles.” At the same time, work on internal processes and structures would continue.

In his speech, Antlitz expressed his sincere thanks to the employees for their outstanding work and hard effort. “Your commitment and skill are the foundation for keeping Volkswagen on course in these much tougher times”, Antlitz said.