Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Worldwide deliveries rise by 2.4 percent in the first six months

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 222,900 urban delivery vehicles, vans and pick-up trucks to customers all over the world by the end of June. Compared to the corresponding period of the prior year, this meant an increase of 2.4 percent (2014: 217,700).

“The United Kingdom, Spain and Italy were the boom markets in Western Europe. We generated growth there of between 11 and 15 percent”, emphasised Bram Schot, Board member for Sales and Marketing for the brand. “From now on, our new models T6 and Caddy 4 are present in our dealer’s showrooms in Germany, Austzria and Switzerland.”

The T5 model range showed a growth of 8.8 percent, adding up to 88,800 deliveries worldwide (2014: 81,500). Deliveries of the Caddy increased by 0.5 percent to 73,900 vehicles (2014: 73,500). Deliveries of the Crafter grew by 5.3 percent to 23,700 vehicles (2014: 22,500). Deliveries of the Amarok pick-up decreased by 5.6 percent to 36,700 vehicles (2014: 38,800).

In Western Europe, deliveries of the brand rose by five percent from January to June 2015, to 151,100 vehicles (January – June 2014: 143,800). With 58,300 vehicles delivered, Germany was the market with the highest volume in the first six months of 2015 for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (an increase of 4.1 percent; 2014: 56,000).

In Eastern Europe, deliveries decreased by 18.9 percent to 15,200 vehicles up to the end of June (2014: 18,800). In the Middle East, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was able to boost deliveries by 44.1 percent to 16,100 units (2014: 11,200). Turkey had the largest portion of this with a prominent rise in vehicle deliveries of 47.7 percent to 13,900 units (2014: 9,400).

In South America, the brand delivered 17,900 vehicles to customers (a decrease of 10.9 percent; 2014: 20,100). In the corresponding period of the prior year 1,300 T2 were still included, which’s production stopped in December 2013. Brazil in particular was a difficult market for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, with a loss of over one-third of deliveries to 6,100 vehicles (2014: 9,400). With 9,200 deliveries, Argentina achieved again a slight increase (a rise of 3.9 percent; 2014: 8,840).

“In total, we achieved a solid growth. Decisive impetus in this respect came from our cutting-edge vehicles and the demand in Western Europe”, Schot explained. “Our factories in Hannover and Poznań have confidently managed the model changeover. Our order book is strong. Obviously, the T6 and Caddy 4 can seamlessly link up with the market success of their predecessors.”