Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 321,300 light blurb vehicles worldwide adult to finish of September

Up to a finish of Sep 2015, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 321,300 civic smoothness vans, Transporters and pick-ups all over a world. The brand’s deliveries therefore continue to be during a turn of a prior year (January to Sep 2014: 324,800, -1.1 per cent).

In a West European markets deliveries fell by 0.2 per cent to 212,500 deliveries (213,000). In Germany deliveries fell by 5.6 per cent to 81,000 vehicles (85,800). There was once again a transparent expansion in sales in a United Kingdom with an boost of 13.1 per cent to 38,500 vehicles (34,050). In Spain, too, a brand’s sales increasing by 8.5 per cent to 7,200 deliveries (6,600).

In Eastern Europe deliveries fell by 21.2 per cent as during Sep to 21,800 vehicles (27,600). In a Middle East 26,000 vehicles were delivered – 43.8 per cent some-more than a prior year (18,100). In Mexico deliveries rose by 8.9 per cent to 4,800 vehicles (4,400).

In South America Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 27,700 vehicles (30,000; -7.7 per cent). The brand’s deliveries in Brazil fell by 34.2 per cent to 9,100 vehicles (13,900). 14,500 vehicles were delivered on a Argentinian market, an boost of 13.0 per cent (12,850).

Caddy deliveries fell by 4.6 per cent to 104,500 vehicles (109,600). The T-series saw expansion of 3.1 per cent to 125,100 deliveries (121,400). Amarok sales fell by 2.5 per cent to 55,600 vehicles (57,000). Worldwide Crafter deliveries were adult by 2.5 per cent to 36,100 vehicles (35,200).