Volkswagen brand deliveries in Europe continue to grow

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand recorded a further increase in the number of vehicles delivered in Europe in the period to August. The company handed over 607,000 (January-August 2014: 561,600; +8.1 percent) vehicles to customers in Western Europe (excluding Germany). The percentage increases in Spain and the UK as well as the Czech Republic and Hungary were even well into double digits. In the home market of Germany, deliveries rose to 399,500 (382,100; +4.5 percent) units. The brand has delivered 3.84 (January-August 2014: 4.03; -4.8 percent) million vehicles worldwide since the beginning of the year, primarily due to the persistently challenging market situation in South America, Russia and China. Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 432,900 (August 2014: 471,000; -8.1 percent) to customers in the month of August.

The brand delivered 1.14 (1.11; +3.1 percent) million vehicles on the overall European market in the period to August. Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 134,400 (163,300; -17.7 percent) models to customers in Central and Eastern Europe from January to August; this situation is chiefly attributable to the downturn in Russia. The company delivered 49,100 (85,000; -42.2 percent) units on the Russian market.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 397,400 (387,600) vehicles in the North America region in the period to August, an increase of 2.5 percent. 238,100 (244,900; -2.8 percent) customers in the United States chose a new vehicle from the Volkswagen brand during the same period. There was a sharp drop on the overall market in South America where the situation remained tense. The Volkswagen brand delivered 324,900 (427,400; -24.0 percent) vehicles there from January to August, of which 240,100 (347,000; -30.8 percent) were handed over to customers in Brazil.

The market situation in China remains challenging. The Volkswagen brand delivered 1.68 (1.83; -8.1 percent) million units in China (including Hong Kong) in the period to August. As a result of the downturn in China, deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region totaled 1.82 (1.97; -7.2 percent) million vehicles.