Volkswagen Brand Board of Management takes vital decisions


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• Accelerated doing of a potency module creates room for
• Streamlined processes precedence serve cost-saving potential, including
  cuts in bound costs
• Investments to be reduced by 1 billion euros per year compared with
  formulation – total with prioritization of projects for a future
• Product decisions formulated
• New Phaeton will be electric
• New Modular Electric Toolkit planned

The newly-formed Volkswagen Brand Board of Management took serve vital decisions during a special meeting. CEO Dr. Herbert Diess announced vital product decisions: a reorientation of a diesel plan with a many modernized technologies, a growth of a standardised electric pattern for newcomer cars and light blurb vehicles, and a new proceed for a subsequent era of a Phaeton. Investments are to be reduced by some one billion euros per year, a potency module is to be accelerated.

Dr. Herbert Diess underscored: “The Volkswagen code is repositioning itself for a future. We are apropos some-more efficient, we are giving a product operation and a core technologies a new focus, and we are formulating room for forward-looking technologies by speeding adult a potency program.”

Reorientation of a diesel strategy
It was motionless to switch over to installing usually diesel drives with SCR and AdBlue record in Europe and North America as shortly as possible. Diesel vehicles will usually be versed with empty emissions systems that use a best environmental technology.

Systematic serve growth of a Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB)
There will be a vital growth bearing for a proven MQB standardised technical toolkit, where Volkswagen Passenger Cars binds shortcoming for growth within a Group network. The concentration is on plug-in variety with an even larger range, high-volume electric vehicles with a radius of adult to 300 kilometers, a 48-volt energy supply complement (mild hybrid) as good as ever some-more fit diesel, petrol and CNG concepts.

A new customary with courtesy to connectivity and motorist assistance systems is to be defined.

MEB electric toolkit
An MEB electric toolkit for destiny use in compress shred vehicles is to be grown formed on a knowledge gained with existent car architectures. This will be a multi-brand toolkit suitable for both newcomer cars and light blurb vehicles and will so precedence synergies from other electric car projects in a Group. The standardised complement will be designed for all physique structures and car types, so permitting quite romantic car concepts, and will capacitate an all-electric operation of 250 to 500 kilometers.

Phaeton redefined – a destiny is electric
The Volkswagen Phaeton has embodied a brand’s technological cunning and code aspiration from a initial era onward. The destiny era of a Phaeton will once again be a flagship for a brand’s form over a subsequent decade. In light of this, a Board of Management redefined a stream project. The selection facilities a pristine electric expostulate with long-distance capability, connectivity and next-generation assistance systems as good as an romantic design.

Accelerated potency program
Dr. Herbert Diess said: “We are really wakeful that we can usually exercise these innovations for a destiny of a Volkswagen code effectively if we attain with a potency module and in giving a product operation a new focus.”

Diess continued: “Together with my Board of Management colleagues and a whole group we are operative during tip speed on these issues. Time and again, a Volkswagen group has valid it stands joined and is entirely focused on moulding a future, quite when times are tough. We have now laid a serve foundations for that.”