Ford has partnered with three spectacular bloggers for the #FiestaMoments campaign to celebrate the arrival of the 2014 Fiesta. #FiestaMoments are special occasions in everyday life that make us happy … like when we’re driving the Fiesta!

For several weeks, Jen, Valerie and Erica shared such incredible moments with us. We’ve seen them in this Toronto ShopCrawl video; Valerie told us about her friend’s wedding; Erica took us out for a perfect day in B.C.; Jen shared a personal and amazing story; and they all gave you the chance to win prizes by taking part in a Twitter Chat.

We know that you enjoyed following their journey and that’s why we’re really pleased to show you these web videos.

The first video is about a working day filled with Valerie’s #FiestaMoments. We chose her as an ambassador because she is super inspiring, kind, generous and professional.

Take a look at her video: she’s allowed us to follow her during a really busy PR day. Where is she taking us? Boom Breakfast restaurant and the Jean Machine store.

Which places visited by Valerie would you like to go to? Let us know in the comments!