Upgrade in a business class: a new Audi A6 Sedan

MMI reason response doing complement – customizable and intuitive
The MMI reason response complement of a new Audi A6 sets new standards in terms of discerning operation and personalization. With endless intelligent personalization options, a automobile is tailored to a driver: The all-digital doing complement allows executive automobile functions to be placed in a compulsory position in a MMI shade regulating drag-and-drop – identical to a user believe with smartphone apps. Shortcuts and favorites buttons form a ideal basement for particular preferences and glorious ease-of-use.

Ideal for visit drivers and swift customers: Up to 7 drivers can store their elite settings in particular user profiles and set adult to 400 parameters. Thanks to a judicious and prosaic menu structure, a complement provides quick entrance to automobile functions. The configurable favorites buttons assistance tailor a complement to a user’s preferences. As an option, a lighting and multifunction buttons can be propitious with reason response technology.

The natural-language control turns a new Audi A6 into an intelligent dialog partner and transport companion: It processes questions and commands in dual ways, with onboard stored information and also – in and with MMI navigation and – with a minute believe from a cloud.

The MMI reason response doing complement with haptic and acoustic feedback provides rapid, discerning operation: Users hear and feel a click as acknowledgment as shortly as their finger triggers a function.

The motorist manages a infotainment on a tip display, that has a 10.1-inch shade erratic if MMI navigation and has been specified. The bottom 8.6-inch display, located in a console in a core tunnel, is used for a meridian control and for a preference functions and content input; a driver’s wrist can lay on a selector push of a involuntary transmission. In addition, a head-up arrangement projects critical information onto a windshield. MMI navigation and also includes a Audi practical cockpit with a 12.3-inch display.

MMI navigation and and Audi bond – some-more preference in a business class
The new Audi A6 offers an endless operation of connectivity solutions for glorious safety, preference and personalization. The customary preference includes MMI navigation, with MMI navigation and – a media heart with a new pattern – accessible as an option. The top-of-the-line information send procedure uses a new LTE Advanced standard.

MMI navigation and also offers a horde of new navigation features. These embody a self-learning duty formed on a driven routes, that generates intelligent hunt suggestions. Route superintendence is supposing online on a servers run by use provider HERE; these servers cause in a trade conditions in a whole region. If a upsurge of information is interrupted, a navigation switches to a online track superintendence that runs in parallel. Six giveaway six-monthly updates are accessible as customary for a navigation map.

MMI navigation and is even some-more constrained with a discretionary appendage modules, including dual sound systems. The top-of-the-line version, a Bang Olufsen Advanced Sound System, also delivers fascinating 3D sound to a back interjection to a tallness information. Telephony is also taken to a new spin in propinquity to operation as good as a sound and tie peculiarity interjection to a Audi phone box.

Audi bond online services also yield a car-to-X services trade pointer and jeopardy information. They use a overflow comprehension from a Audi swift and network a Audi A6 with a environment. Shortly after a marketplace launch, a on-street parking use will be added, that creates looking for a parking space easier. Using a myAudi app, owners of a new A6 can entrance a brand’s digital services around a smartphone.

As an option, a Audi bond pivotal replaces a required automobile key. It creates regulating a business sedan even some-more convenient, and allows an Android smartphone to unlock, close a automobile and start a engine. Near Field Communication transfers information to a car. The owners can pass a entrance information onto 5 people or smartphones.

Driver assistance systems
Even some-more comfort, intrepidity and reserve on prolonged and brief journeys – a new A6 with new and polished motorist assistance systems sets new standards in a oppulance class. These embody a parking commander and a garage pilot, that are set to extend a operation of apparatus during a march of a year: They autonomously scheme a Sedan into and out of a parking space or garage. The motorist can get out of a automobile before activating and monitoring a routine regulating a myAudi app on their smartphone. To do so, a motorist contingency invariably reason down a applicable duty key.

The parking commander and a garage commander form partial of a Park support package, one of 3 packages. The City support package includes facilities such as a new channel assist. The Tour assist package comes with a adaptive journey assist, that supplements a adaptive journey control by means of peaceful steering involvement to keep a automobile in lane, and a potency assist, that promotes an careful pushing style.

Behind a endless support systems lies a high-tech procedure from Audi: a executive motorist assistance controller (zFAS). It calculates invariably a minute indication of a sourroundings from a alloy of sensor data. Depending on equipment, a sensor set includes adult to 5 radar sensors, 5 cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors as good as a laser scanner – another vital innovation.

Mild-hybrid record – all engines electrified
All engines in a new A6 come with Audi’s new mild-hybrid technology. Here a belt alternator starter (BAS) works together with a lithium-ion battery. The Audi A6 can seashore between 55 and 160 km/h (34.2 and 99.4 mph).

The start-stop duty kicks in adult to 22 km/h (13.7 mph). The engine is restarted from delay predictively as shortly as a automobile in front of a Audi A6 starts moving. During deceleration, a BAS recovers adult to 12 kW of energy. In real-world driving, a MHEV record reduces fuel expenditure by adult to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Body and measure – some-more legroom in a business class
The physique of a new Audi A6 also adds to a loose atmosphere onboard. One cause is a modernized aerodynamics: With a smallest drag fellow of 0.24 (with an engine to be expelled subsequently) and interjection to worldly aeroacoustics, a Sedan stays agreeably quiet, even during high speed.

A second cause is a high physique acerbity – it forms a basement for a tip peculiarity feel and a sporty handling. Audi uses an intelligent churned construction of steel and aluminum in a physique shell. Components such as a front cessation strut pattern are done of aluminum, as are a doors, hood/trunk lids and fenders.

The interior of a new Audi A6 is even incomparable than on a effusive model. With courtesy to legroom in a rear, it beats a effusive indication and a core competitors. The headroom and shoulder room in a front and back are also higher to a effusive model. The luggage cell offers some-more loading breadth – dual golf bags can be accommodated horizontally. The ability stays unvaried during 530 liters (18.7 cu ft). The case lid can be non-stop electrically with a kicking motion.

The all-new seats underline a clarity of a Audi A6 as a staid long-distance sedan. With their countless composition functions, a customized contour seats, front, optionally accessible with movement and massage, yield glorious comfort. A good interior meridian is further ensured: The discretionary atmosphere peculiarity package improves a atmosphere with dual pointed fragrances, an ionizer and an effective pollutant filter. With a vast potion sections, a discretionary breathtaking potion sunroof floods a interior with light. Additional preference facilities embody a windshield wipers with integrated washer jets and a discretionary exhilarated windshield.

The cessation – as flexible as a sports car, as maneuverable as a compress model
The new Audi A6 is noticeably sportier than a effusive indication – interjection generally to innovative solutions for a suspension. The already sporty ratio of a customary on-going steering becomes even some-more approach as a steering angle increases; a new damping judgment also conveys intensive, finally differentiated feedback from a road. The new Audi A6 is maneuverable in town, flexible on nation roads, and staid and gentle on a highway.

The energetic all-wheel steering is a pivotal member in this lively and maneuverability. It combines direct, sporty steering response with unshakable stability, solution this classical dispute of aims. Depending on a speed, a steering ratio varies between 9.5:1 and 16.5:1. This is interjection to a aria call gearing during a front. At a back axle, a shaft expostulate turns a wheels as most as 5 degrees. At low speed, a wheels expostulate in a conflicting instruction to a front wheels, so enhancing a lively of a A6 and shortening a branch round by adult to 1.1 meters (3.6 ft) to 11.1 meters (36.4 ft). All of that creates maneuvering easy notwithstanding a roughly 5 scale (16.4 ft) extraneous length of a vast Sedan. At high speed a wheels spin in a same direction, so optimizing fortitude when roving in a true line or changing lanes. Thus a A6 not usually offers a motorist well-spoken straight-line fortitude during high speed. Passengers also suffer some-more comfort given a steering movements seem most softer on a back seats.

The redesigned circle cessation is also done out of lightweight aluminum in many areas. Despite a incomparable wheels, measuring adult to 21 inches and tire sizes of adult to 255/35, than on a effusive model, a Audi A6 has softened boyant and sound comfort. Brakes with bound calipers done from aluminum are propitious to a front axle. Audi provides a choice of 4 variants for a cessation setup: a required steel open suspension, a competition suspension, a cessation with check control, and a adaptive atmosphere suspension, also with tranquil damping.

As partial of a launch in a European markets, Audi offers a new A6 with dual powerful, well-spoken engines – one diesel and one gasoline unit. The gasoline section (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.1 – 6.7 (33.1 – 35.1 mpg)*; total CO2 emissions in g/km: 161 – 151 (259.1 – 243.0 g/mi)*) is a 3.0 TFSI. The V6 turbocharged engine accelerates a business sedan from 0 to 100 km/h (0 – 62.1 mph) in 5.1 seconds with 250 kW (340 hp) and 500 Nm (368.8 lb-ft) of torque; a electronically singular tip speed of 250 km/h (155.3 mph) is a small technicality. The 3.0 TDI with 210 kW (286 hp) produces identical opening (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 5.8 – 5.5 (40.6 – 42.8 mpg)*; total CO2 emissions in g/km: 150 – 142 (241.4 – 228.5 g/mi)*), it delivers 620 Nm (457.3 lb-ft) of torque to a crankshaft. While a 3.0 TDI is interconnected with an eight-speed tiptronic, a 3.0 TFSI is joined as customary with a seven-speed S tronic. The dual engines are versed as customary with a quattro all-wheel drive, whose pattern varies depending on a specific setup. In and with a tiptronic it comes with a self-locking core differential; in tandem with a S tronic a setup facilities even some-more fit ultra technology, that always activates a rear-wheel expostulate now whenever needed. All gearshifts are automatic.

In and with a tiptronic delivery a discretionary competition differential lends a A6 even some-more energetic doing by actively distributing a energy between a back wheels. Like a energetic all-wheel steering, a tranquil damping and a adaptive atmosphere suspension, it is integrated into a control duty of a electronic framework platform. These systems are closely networked for innovative precision. The motorist can name several pushing profiles around a Audi expostulate name complement – a far-reaching widespread from comfort by sportiness is even some-more conspicuous than in a effusive model.

The extraneous pattern – technical and elegant
Like a A8 and A7 Sportback models, a A6 is a fluent envoy of a new Audi pattern language. With frozen surfaces, pointy edges and distinguished lines, a business sedan certainly conveys a character: sporty elegance, high tech and sophistication.

The extraneous stands out with a offset proportions – prolonged hood, prolonged wheelbase and brief overhangs. The A6 is 4,939 millimeters (16.2 ft) long, i.e. 7 millimeters (0.3 in) longer than a predecessor. The breadth has been increasing by 12 millimeters (0.5 in) to 1,886 millimeters (6.2 ft) while a tallness during 1,457 millimeters (4.8 ft) is now 2 millimeters (0.1 in) more than on a effusive model. The wide, low-slung Singleframe grille, a prosaic headlights and a strenuously contoured atmosphere inlets secrete sportiness.

In a side view, 3 distinguished lines revoke a car’s visible height. The strenuously frozen contours, that are drawn over a wheels, are testimony to Audi’s quattro genes. The frozen roof line, that tapers into prosaic C-pillars, characterizes a silhouette. The brief case lid ends in a winding separating corner for optimized aerodynamics. A distinguished chrome frame accentuates a three-dimensional sculpture of a back and connects a back lights.

The paint operation for a new A6 offers a choice of 14 colors, 7 of that are new. In further to a simple version, business have a choice of a dual competition and pattern extraneous trim lines as good as a S line extraneous package. They differ in many details, for instance with a Singleframe or a side atmosphere inlets. All lines and all colors use a play of light and shade on a outdoor skin, so accentuating a sculptured impression.

The lighting pattern – record brought to life
The lighting pattern emphasizes a technical clarity of a A6. Audi reserve a headlights in 3 opposite versions. With a top-of-the-line version, a HD Matrix LED headlights, 5 plane lines form a daytime using light signature; they stress a breadth of a front. Above them are a dipped lamp modules that demeanour like pupils. Optionally, a lighting signature of a tail lights is done adult of a singular plane line and 9 straight segments for any unit; a stop light fills a areas in between. The energetic indicator is enclosed with a top-of-the-line equipment. When unlocking and locking a doors, a pulsing entrance and withdrawal home duty brings to life a multiple of pattern and record that is a hallmark of Audi.

Audi offers dual opposite lighting packages for a interior: a ambient lighting package and a contour ambient lighting package. Both subtly spur a space, a volume and a materials. The ambient lighting creates a dashboard and core console seem to float. The contour lighting reproduces a transparent lines of a interior pattern and can be set to 30 different colors.

The interior – unconventional design
The interior of a new A6 facilities a black-panel pattern – a cold demeanour that expresses a technical cunning and digital clarity of a business sedan. This creates a loose loll atmosphere in a pattern denunciation that comes opposite as reduced and matter-of-fact. The neat instrument row and a calm, continual plane physique line emanate an ethereal clarity of spaciousness.

The core console in a new Audi A6 is destined during a driver; a tip MMI reason response arrangement is also slanted somewhat to a left. With a black-panel look, it roughly disappears into an aluminum shave when switched off. The arrangement is activated when opening a door; a graphical user interface appears reduced, relating a interior design.

Colors and materials – a operation of apparatus for all tastes
The far-reaching operation of colors and materials accessible for a new A6 rug out a interior pattern with really opposite characteristics, from superb by sporty, from technical by futuristic. Five versions are available: basic, sport, design, pattern preference and S line sport package (with 19-inch wheels and competition suspension). Each various is compared with opposite tone concepts. The choice and use of materials – from a open-pore timber trim by a leather upholstery on a instrument row – demonstrate to a uncompromisingly high peculiarity of a new Sedan. Audi offers a S line extraneous package as an choice for all apparatus lines.

The new Audi A6 is due to hurl off a public line during a Neckarsulm site and will launch on a German marketplace in Jun 2018. The simple cost as a Audi A6 Sedan 50 TDI quattro (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 5.8 – 5.5 (40.6 – 42.8 mpg)*; total CO2 emissions in g/km: 150 – 142 (241.4 – 228.5 g/mi)*) is 58,050 euros. 

* Fuel expenditure and CO2 emission total given in ranges depending on a tires/wheels used