Upcycling during Audi: a new franchise on life for packaging

The thought for a 3D-printed public aids done from cosmetic rubbish is as elementary as it is effective. “Our thought was to emanate a element cycle that would concede us to recycle some of a churned plastics that amass during a prolongation of, say, an Audi A7,” explains plan manager Volker Eitrich. In this commander project, wrapping used to strengthen supportive components – such as loudspeakers and sensors – is now being collected and sorted by type. Special apparatus is afterwards used to fragment this cosmetic scald wrapping into grind and dry it. A strand builder afterwards heats a grind adult to 450 °C and extrudes it in a form of cosmetic filament. And this is a tender element for a 3D printers that a organisation of experts can use to furnish precision-fit public aids for automobile production. In this project, a Audi organisation is operative closely with a Dutch start-up 3devo, that also granted a strand prolongation technology.

Zero is a goal

As partial of a cross-site environmental module Mission:Zero, a code with a 4 rings is operative to grasp net-zero1 carbon emissions during all of a sites by 2025. Alongside decarbonization, H2O use, and biodiversity, apparatus potency is one of a fields of activity. “At a Neckarsulm site, numerous measures and projects such as exclusively sourcing immature power, a commander complement for a sealed H2O cycle in a factory, and a aluminum sealed loop in a press plant are already assisting to strengthen a sourroundings and preserve resources,” explains Achim Diehlmann, plan manager of a Mission:Zero module and Head of Corporate Environmental Protection during a site. “The 3D strand copy commander plan is another instance of how we are always building new solutions to pierce closer, one step during a time, to a ultimate thought of achieving a totally tolerable automotive prolongation process.”

A commander plan with potential

The Neckarsulm site has already been producing aids for automobile prolongation regulating 3D copy for 5 years. The pattern is to be means to give employees on a prolongation lines a accurate public assist they need as fast as possible, thereby ancillary them in their day-to-day work. In a box of a Audi e-tron GT, 3D copy was already, and for a initial time, an constituent partial of a routine – even during pre-series prolongation – so that all a collection for public and pre-assembly were accessible during a start of array production. More than 160 opposite printed aids are now in use during a plcae today. Tools constructed around 3D copy include, for example, pushers, that are a kind of elongated finger that creates it easier for prolongation workers to insert clips to a automobile body, or public aids that can be used, for example, to precisely insert a 4 rings to a back of a vehicle.

“In this commander project, we’re not usually focusing on speed, ergonomics, and safety, though also solidly on sustainability,” explained Eitrich. “The initial vital miracle was technical explanation that a routine is viable in a ubiquitous clarity – in other words, that we can furnish printable strand from existent plastics.” Working with a tiny team, Jérémy Lecoq, administrator of a continual alleviation routine (CIP) workshops during a site, is now contrast a use of this strand for several aids and serve optimizing a results. “The work aids done from recycled element are really good perceived by a employees on a line,” pronounced Lecoq. “The fact that a thought we worked on for so prolonged is possibly and is assisting strengthen a sourroundings is impossibly motivating,” combined Eitrich. The team’s prophesy is now to scale a process. By augmenting a distance of a systems, a strand could, for example, be granted to other areas in Neckarsulm or other locations in a future.

Eliminate, separate, recycle

Other projects involving prolongation and logistics during a Neckarsulm site assistance saving resources in a essential way, for instance during a supplier’s place of business, and therefore to evenly revoke waste. Logistics, for example, has already worked with suppliers to optimize several member packages. As a result, a companies succeeded in preventing a use of scarcely 31 metric tons of nonrecyclable wrapping in Neckarsulm alone. In addition, cosmetic film rubbish that accumulates during a bureau has been used to furnish rabble bags given a commencement of a year, that are afterwards used directly during a site. This allows a association to recycle around 15 tons of cosmetic rubbish any year.

New virtual planning methods in use during a association with a 4 rings are also assisting to preserve resources. For example, Audi was means to probably pattern partial of a special containers used to ride supportive components for a Audi e-tron GT for a initial time. This VR application, that was piloted during a Neckarsulm site, is now in use via a organisation and helps to preserve resources formerly used for enclosure prototypes. In addition, a all-electric Gran Turismo is a initial automobile from a code with a 4 rings to be done wholly but prototypes. This was done probable by three-dimensional building scans and a use of practical reality, among other things.

1 Audi regards net CO neutrality as a state in which, following a depletion of other probable measures directed during shortening a still remaining CO₂ emissions caused by a products or activities of Audi and/or now destined CO₂ emissions within a range of a supply chain, production and recycling of Audi vehicles, during slightest quantitative remuneration is supposing by intentional and globally conducted remuneration projects. Throughout a function proviso of a vehicle, definition from when a automobile is delivered to a customer, CO₂ emissions constructed are not taken into account.