U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez visits Wolfsburg to find out some-more about twin vocational training and co-determination during Volkswagen


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Board Member for Human Resources, Dr. Neumann: “Specialist knowledge, skills and worker impasse are prerequisites for mercantile success”

The United States Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez, visited a Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg on Tuesday to find out some-more about twin vocational training and co-determination in a Volkswagen Group. The Secretary of Labor was welcomed by Dr. Horst Neumann, Board Member for Human Resources during Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. The module enclosed talks with serve member from management, a contention on preparation with Works Council member Gerardo Scarpino, a revisit to a vocational training center, a assembly with vocational trainees and instructors, and a debate of a factory.

Perez was intensely meddlesome in a twin vocational training complement and Volkswagen’s vocational groups (German: “Berufsfamilien”). Neumann said: “At Volkswagen we insert a biggest significance to first-class twin vocational training with a tighten links between speculation and practice. The dilettante believe and skills of any worker are a exigency for a absolute team, for top-quality superb products and for a mercantile success.” At Volkswagen, vocational training and skills growth take place in 36 vocational groups (German: “Berufsfamilien”) that embody all employees who perform activities formed on identical technical skills. Internal specialists share their fanciful and unsentimental believe with employees who in spin are lerned as learned workers and specialists and subsequently pass on believe to others. As Neumann explained: “That creates Volkswagen both a training and a training organization.”

Gerardo Scarpino, a Works Council member obliged for preparation and training, said: “Dual vocational training is a success story and brings opportunities not usually for vocational trainees, though also for a company. Young people who sight underneath a twin element acquire believe and skills that lay a substructure for good veteran development.”

Today, many of Volkswagen’s approximately 20,000 vocational trainees around a universe are training in their goal on a basement of a twin principle. At a Chattanooga plant in Tennessee, USA, for example, 68 vocational trainees are now training as mechatronics technicians and automotive mechatronics technicians. Volkswagen cooperates with governments and informal training institutions to exercise a twin vocational training complement during a general locations.

During a visit, Volkswagen vocational trainees and their instructors gave a U.S. Secretary of Labor an discernment into day-to-day training routines. To illustrate a unsentimental side to their training they introduced a guest to a e-Golf* as good as a Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition, that twelve vocational trainees from 4 trades total in line with their possess ideas and showcased during a Wörthersee GTI Meeting.

Perez was also meddlesome in anticipating out some-more about labor family and a twin indication of co-determination that combines active worker impasse around works councils and sector-wide common negotiate around unions. Neumann said: “Co-determination and worker impasse are success factors for Volkswagen all over a world. The twin indication that functions good for Volkswagen in Germany and many other countries facilities clever works councils that act as a voice of a workforce, and unions to paint a interests of their members and as common negotiate partners. This indication creates a basement for constructive team-work during a plants and arguable decisions in a seductiveness not usually of a location, though also of a association and a workforce. It has also met with a certain response from many parties in a USA. We are confident it will be probable to find a good American approach to exercise this in a States.”

* Electrical expenditure in kWh/100 km: 12.7 (combined); CO2 emissions in g/km: 0 (combined); potency class: A+