TÜV Report 2015: MAN with new record that strengthens a heading position as a many arguable lorry manufacturer


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MAN trucks are mostly defect-free in a TÜV ubiquitous car investigation and hence mount out clearly from a vehicles of competitors

In a 2015 TÜV news on blurb vehicles (TÜV Report Nutzfahrzeuge 2015), MAN shines again for a fourth uninterrupted year with a top array of vehicles flitting TÜV investigation with no defects. The trucks in a TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX array are considerable due to achieving a lowest forsake rate opposite all age categories. With courtesy to a commission of one-year-old trucks with no defects during all, MAN was once again means to transcend a prior year’s record with a stream commission of 85.9. Even for a comparison age categories (two to 5 years), an above-average array of MAN trucks upheld a ubiquitous car investigation giveaway of any defects. According to a TÜV Report 2015, “65.6 percent of five-year aged trucks is a record that stands to this day.”

Regular veteran upkeep pays off

“For a fourth uninterrupted time, MAN is relocating to a forefront in a TÜV Report on blurb vehicles. That creates me really proud,” says Heinz-Jürgen Löw, Director of Sales Marketing during MAN Truck Bus. “The fact that an above-average array of MAN trucks pass a categorical car investigation but any defects will make a business happy, since it saves them money. The analysis shows that, even after a sale, business can count on MAN as a arguable partner and that they are in good hands in a workshops.”

The augmenting array of MAN use and upkeep contracts is also explanation of this. Regular veteran upkeep pays off for lorry operators: vehicles in a swift are prepared for use, rather than wanting random trips to a seminar due to neglected maintenance.

In a TÜV news on blurb vehicles, a Association of TÜV e.V. together with dilettante German announcement Verkehrsrundschau consider a exam formula of blurb vehicles aged between one and 5 years in a yearly ubiquitous car inspection. Click on a links next to download a report: www.vdtuev.de or www.verkehrsrundschau.de/tuev-report