Toyota to Build Prototype City of a Future


Las Vegas, NV – Jan 6, 2020 – Today during CES, Toyota suggested skeleton to build a antecedent “city” of a destiny on a 175-acre site during a bottom of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Called a Woven City, it will be a entirely connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
Envisioned as a “living laboratory”, a Woven City will offer as a home to full time residents and researchers who will be means to exam and rise technologies such as autonomy, robotics, personal mobility, intelligent homes and synthetic comprehension in a real-world environment. 

“Building a finish city from a belligerent up, even on a tiny scale like this, is a singular event to rise destiny technologies, including a digital handling complement for a city’s infrastructure. With people, buildings and vehicles all connected and communicating with any other by information and sensors, we will be means to exam connected AI technology… in both a practical and a earthy realms … maximizing a potential,” pronounced Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota will extend an open invitation to combine with other blurb and educational partners and entice meddlesome scientists and researchers from around a universe to come work on their possess projects in this one-of-a-kind, real-world incubator.

“We acquire all those desirous to urge a approach we live in a future, to take advantage of this singular investigate ecosystem and join us in a query to emanate an ever-better approach of life and mobility for all,” pronounced Toyoda.

For a settlement of Woven City, Toyota has consecrated Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Creative Director, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). His group during BIG have designed many high-profile projects: from 2 World Trade Center in New York and Lego House in Denmark, to Google’s Mountain View and London headquarters.

“A overflow of opposite technologies are commencement to radically change how we live and navigate a cities. Connected, autonomous, emission-free and common mobility solutions are firm to unleash a universe of opportunities for new forms of civic life. With a extent of technologies and industries that we have been means to entrance and combine with from a Toyota ecosystem of companies, we trust we have a singular event to try new forms of urbanity with a Woven City that could pave new paths for other cities to explore,” pronounced Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Creative Director of BIG.


Design of a City

The masterplan of a city includes a designations for travel use into 3 types: for faster vehicles only, for a brew of reduce speed, personal mobility and pedestrians, and for a park-like dance for pedestrians only.  These 3 travel forms wobble together to form an organic grid pattern, to assistance accelerate a contrast of autonomy.

The city is designed to be entirely sustainable, with buildings done mostly of timber to minimize a CO footprint, regulating normal Japanese timber joinery, total with robotic prolongation methods. The rooftops will be lonesome in photo-voltaic panels to beget solar energy in further to energy generated by hydrogen fuel cells.   Toyota skeleton to wobble in a outdoor via a city, with local foliage and hydroponics.

Residences will be versed with a latest in tellurian support technologies, such as in-home robotics to support with daily living. The homes will use sensor-based AI to check occupants’ health, take caring of simple needs and raise daily life. It will be an event to muster connected record with firmness and trust, firmly and positively.

To pierce residents by a city, usually fully-autonomous, zero-emission vehicles will be authorised on a categorical thoroughfares. In and via Woven City, unconstrained Toyota e-Palettes will be used for travel and deliveries, as good as for fanciful mobile retail.

Both area parks and a vast executive park for recreation, as good as a executive piazza for amicable gatherings, are designed to move a village together. Toyota believes that enlivening tellurian tie will be an equally critical aspect of this experience.

Toyota skeleton to stock Woven City with employees and their families, late couples, retailers, visiting scientists, and attention partners. The devise is for 2000 people to start, adding some-more as a plan evolves.

The groundbreaking for a site is designed for early 2021.  

Interested in partnering with Toyota on a growth of Woven City? Visit:

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