Toyota to move latest technologies, Toyota Production System to support mobility during a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

July 23, 2018 – TOKYO, Japan – With dual years to go until a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Toyota now summarized a mobility judgment that will turn a basement for a Tokyo 2020 Games activities, orderly around 3 categorical pillars : (1) Mobility for all;  (2) Sustainability, centering on a fulfilment of a hydrogen society, with a sourroundings and reserve as core principles; and (3) Transportation support of staff, media and athletes between Games venues regulating a Toyota Production System (TPS)-based system.

Toyota believes that giving rare entrance to people including those with impairments brings a idea of mobility behind to a many elemental meaning: a leisure to move.

In partnership with a International Olympic Committee (IOC), a International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and a Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, a association would like to assistance make Tokyo, a initial horde city to acquire both a Olympic and a Paralympic Games for a second time, a tellurian showcase for “Mobility for All,” contributing to creation those Games a many innovative in history.

“The leisure of being mobile is during a heart of being means to attend in society,” pronounced Toyota President Akio Toyoda. “If someone wants to take on a plea and relocating is what is preventing them from doing so, Toyota would like to assistance tackle that problem. We wish mobility to be a possibility, not an obstacle. By being concerned with a Olympics, a Paralympics and a Special Olympics Games, we wish that Toyota will come to honour everyone’s aberration and acquire diversity. Once that is realized, we will finally be means to take a step closer to a idea of “mobility for all” and ensure, like athletes uncover us each day, that being mobile equals carrying a possibility to make one’s dreams come true.”

Toyota became a initial worldwide mobility partner of a IOC and a IPC in 2015 with a aim to minister to “creating a pacific multitude but taste by sports” and “a joining to formulating a tolerable multitude by mobility”. Additionally, from final year, Toyota launched a initial tellurian corporate initiative, “Start Your Impossible,” to pierce people together and minister to a multitude where all people can plea what is possible. The product categories lonesome by a Toyota sponsorship are: vehicles, mobility services and certain travel and mobility support products (including robots). At Tokyo 2020, Toyota’s support will be deployed in 3 categorical areas:

1) “Mobility for All”

Taking on a plea to yield a leisure to pierce to everybody including those with impairments by a Tokyo 2020 games, Toyota will:

  • Showcase a destiny of programmed pushing as a ultimate “mobility for all”, demonstrating how programmed vehicles could one day offer a leisure to pierce everyone. Verification contrast and demonstrations regulating SAE Level 4* automation, where all pushing functions are achieved by a automobile in certain well-defined areas of operation, will take place in a Tokyo Water Front City and Haneda areas in Tokyo;
  • Introduce a new form of relocating believe by a proof of “TOYOTA Concept-i,” a automobile that recognizes drivers’ emotions and preferences and can make review regulating synthetic comprehension (AI);
  • Support travel services for athletes and dependent guest around a Athlete’s Village with e-Palette, a subsequent era battery electric automobile specifically designed for Mobility as a Service (MaaS);
  • Provide a existent assistive vehicles lineup, WelCab, as good as new personal mobility inclination and support for last-mile mobility needs. Toyota also hopes a new JPN Taxi, introduced in Oct 2017, will be renouned around Tokyo to acquire visitors from around a world, including people regulating wheelchairs.
  • Provide personal mobility solutions such as a Toyota i-ROAD as good as a standing-riding device to support operative staff during a Games, such as confidence officers.


2) Sustainability, with a sourroundings and reserve as core principles, centered on a fulfilment of a hydrogen society

Toyota skeleton to minister to tolerable Games by providing a swift of over 3,000 newcomer vehicles for central use and others, versed with a latest environmental and reserve technologies to minimize environmental weight and trade accidents.

  • In sequence to make Tokyo 2020 a branch indicate in realizing a hydrogen society, Toyota will support a Games and their bequest with a vast series of zero-emission hydrogen fuel dungeon electric vehicles (FCEV) such as a Mirai sedan for central use. In addition, a Fuel Cell Bus “Sora,” as good as Fuel Cell forklifts done and sole by Toyota Industries Corporation, will assistance support a Games.
  • In further to FCEV, a latest Hybrid Electric/Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV/PHEV) from a Toyota and Lexus line-ups, as good as new Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), will especially harmonise a rest of a fleet. In total, a association and a Games’ organisers aim to grasp a lowest emissions aim turn of any central automobile swift used during a Olympic and Paralympic Games with a use of these central vehicles.
  • Vehicles for central use will be versed with a latest active reserve record packages such as Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+), as good as Parking Support Brake (PKSB), a record to assistance forestall collisions that essentially start in parking lots and garages.
  • In further to central vehicles above, some vehicles will underline Highway Teammate, an programmed pushing reserve duty that allows hands-off pushing on highways (SAE Level 2* automation).


3) Games central travel support regulating a Toyota Production System

It is estimated that 15 million visitors will join Tokyo’s 15 million adults during a Games period. While a Tokyo Metropolitan Area will certainly live adult to a repute as one of a many fit cities for civic mobility, Toyota will support a Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to assistance safeguard a protected and effective travel between venues for those regulating a central fleet. To do this, a association will yield a believe it has garnered over years of believe requesting a Toyota Production System.

  • Toyota will also support a mutation of central staff and athletes to and from events with a latest information and connected technologies, such as automobile Data Communication Modules connected to a Mobility Service Platform, to yield safe, secure, and well-spoken travel of people and burden during a games.
  • Toyota will also support on-the-ground automobile dispatching and travel operations from an potency standpoint.


Cities around a universe now face hurdles surrounding mobility, carrying to solve issues trimming from trade overload to atmosphere pollution, trade accidents, and entrance for people with impairments. Starting from Tokyo 2020 and by Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024, Toyota is anticipating to assistance tackle these hurdles in partnership with stakeholders around a world, and minister to formulating bequest to comprehend a tolerable mobility society.

Toyota will divulge some-more of a skeleton and contributions, including those associated to new mobility products and solutions, relocating brazen between now and Tokyo 2020.

* For some-more sum per SAE level, greatfully visit:

About Toyota’s Top Olympic Partnership and Worldwide Paralympic Partnership

Toyota became a central worldwide mobility partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Committees in 2015 for a 2017-2024 period, covering a Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 (Korea) and Beijing 2022 (China) and a Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 (Japan) and Paris 2024 (France). As a partner, Toyota aims to inspire formulating a pacific multitude but taste by sports and a joining to formulating a tolerable multitude by mobility. In this spirit, Toyota also became a Global Partner of a Special Olympics International in 2017. Toyota’s values of continual alleviation and honour for people are common by The Olympic and Paralympic Games, that brings together a whole universe in loyalty and oneness to applaud a top fulfilment of tellurian potential. Toyota believes that mobility goes over cars; it is about overcoming hurdles and creation dreams come true, that is encapsulated in a company’s “Start Your Impossible” corporate beginning and is a basement for a mutation from a automobile association to a mobility company. When we are giveaway to move, anything is possible.