Toyota Marks 50 Millionth Corolla Sold



More than 1.6 million of them sole in Canada to date

From a common start, a Corolla grew to turn a world’s best-selling model, and Toyota celebrates this miracle car’s place in automotive story and customers’ lives

TORONTO, Ontario – Aug 26, 2021 – This past July, Toyota sole a 50 millionth Corolla, including over 1.6 million in Canada, a miracle not usually in Toyota history, though automotive story as well. Now in a 12th era and over 55 years in production, Corolla stays one of a world’s top-selling vehicles, earning buyers’ certainty and trust one automobile during a time.

Toyota introduced a Corolla in 1966, and it arrived in Canada in 1969.

As a Corolla fast developed to offer some-more room, comfort and performance, it became a value benchmark in a category and grew into one of a largest branches in a Toyota family tree. Corolla’s many poignant role, however, has been a one it has played in a lives of a millions who have been shopping and pushing this constant indication for some-more than half a century.

The Corolla has been creation memories and stories for scarcely 3 generations of customers. That adds adult to billions of initial jobs, initial dates, daily commutes,graduations, vacations, amalgamate appointments, weddings, kids’ ballgames … all a suggestive events that make a life. Even people who never owned a Corolla have a Corolla story to tell about one they remember a friend, neighbour, cousin, or co-worker driving.

Fifty million cars later, this post of a Toyota family stays devoted for being good versed for any situation. For an affordable price, a 2022 Corolla combines modernized tech, sporty character and top-level comfort with good fuel economy and a insurance of customary Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 including involuntary puncture braking.

Just as it did during a finish of a 1960s, Corolla currently offers buyers a leisure and autonomy that comes from a affordability, along with certainty that a automobile can yield many years of arguable use with low altogether cost of ownership. The 2022 Corolla line continues that unapproachable and personal tradition with sedans, a sporty hatchback, a hybrid and a first-ever Corolla Cross compress crossover.

For Corolla, dependability isn’t usually about how a automobile runs, though also describes how it becomes a devoted member of a households it serves. It’s no consternation that a Corolla has prolonged been a start of a “Toyota family,” with other Toyota models shortly fasten it in many driveways and garages.

Ready for Anything

Corolla sales were already on a upswing when a Oct 1973 Oil Embargo set off a sequence greeting of prolonged lines and aloft prices during a gas pump, and even fuel rationing. The augmenting array of buyers who incited to Corolla could be assured that even usually few litres in a tank would be adequate to accommodate a needs of a week or more.

Corolla emerged from that downbeat duration with even wider and fast flourishing appeal, and Toyota began to supplement some-more models, including sporty fastback coupe and liftback versions. Toyota’s indifferent loyalty to continual alleviation ensured that each new era of Corolla charity some-more than a predecessor.

By a late-1980s, Toyota was building Corollas during Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), in Canada, and today, Corollas are built during Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. (TMMMS), that non-stop in 2011. The new Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama, will start building a all-new Toyota Corolla Cross after this summer.

While a 2022 Corolla might seem light years from a late 1960s ancestor, a core values snippet a line right behind to that initial edition. The Corolla continues to develop to accommodate a ever-changing needs of a flourishing and different patron bottom though has never veered from a goal to broach eminent Toyota quality, durability, and trustworthiness with high fuel economy during an affordable price. It’s usually gotten a whole lot some-more polished and beguiling to drive.

Here’s a demeanour during how Corolla got to 50 million… and counting.

First Generation: 1969-1970

The initial Corolla was a hint of simplicity, with a purify and frail pattern charity inexhaustible all-around prominence in coupe, four-door sedan and two-door automobile models. A coupe called Corolla Sprinter with a somewhat reduce semi-fastback roof line arrived later.

All Corollas had a short-stroke 1,077-cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine that used aluminum for a cylinder head, intake manifold, valve cover and purchase housing – flattering brazen meditative during a time. Wheels were usually 12-inch diameter, and a usually delivery charity was a four-speed manual. With 60 horsepower (51 hp SAE net), zero-to-100 km/h took over 17 seconds, and a tip fuel economy guess was in a high 20s.

The 1969 Corolla two-door sedan charity recumbent front seats and a locking fuel-filler doorway among other customary features. Attention to fact tender automobile media and customers. Said Car Driver repository in a highway test: “Not usually is a interior good designed though it’s also good finished, right down to a runner that’s ideally molded to a figure of a building with each corner delicately firm to equivocate that low-priced look.”



Second Generation: 1971-1974

The second-generation Corolla grew in size, with a somewhat longer wheelbase, changed adult to 73 horsepower and charity Corolla’s initial discretionary involuntary transmission, a two-speed. (A three-speed arrived a bit later.) For 1972, an SR-5 coupe featured an 88-hp (SAE net) 1.6-litre engine with a five-speed primer delivery to be a fun messenger to a new Celica competition coupe. Corolla had by this time turn a second best-selling automobile in a world.



Third Generation: 1975-1979

The Corolla again grew a bit in distance and charity 1.2, 1.3 and 1.6-litre engines. The line sum fastback coupe and Liftback models for 1976, that featured uninformed front styling. The Liftback was some-more like a competition automobile and sum back chair conduct room, a outcome being both sporty and uncommonly practical.



Fourth Generation: 1980-1984

A bold, bony pattern eminent a fourth-generation Corolla, that kept a far-reaching operation of models. The new pattern focused on roominess and serenity while adding some-more amenities. The Canadian indication charity a 75-hp OHV 1.8-litre engine and a 4A-C 90-hp OHC 1.6-litre engine. The two-door models were praised for front seats with a “memory” underline that authorised a seats to slip brazen to support with back chair ingress/egress, and afterwards lapse to a same position and recline angle.



Fifth Generation: 1985-1988

The fifth-gen Corolla brought large news all around. The categorical array switched to front-wheel expostulate for sum interior room and softened all-weather traction. In a corner try with General Motors called New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), Toyota began building Corollas in California. All front-drive engines were now SOHC configuration.

A rear-drive Corolla model, famous by a VIN prefix “AE86”came in coupe and hatchback styles. The tip GT-S chronicle finished a feverishness of a mythological 4A-GE DOHC 1.6-litre engine. In 1987, a new front-drive FX hatchback was added, and a tip version, a FX16 GT-S, hereditary a 4A-GE engine to emanate a new “hot hatch” model. The rear-drive GT-S would after turn a flapping legend, in genuine life and in video games. The suggestion of both those cars continues in a 2022 Corolla Hatchback.



Sixth Generation: 1989-1992

The sixth-generation Corolla line was now all front-wheel drive, with all models powered by 16-valve DOHC engines and featuring four-wheel eccentric suspension. The Corolla All-Trac automobile and sedan models had an effective all-wheel expostulate system. The new coupe featured pop-up headlights like a AE86 and came in SR-5 and GT-S models. The latter was utterly sporty, indeed, featuring a 4A-GE engine, special wheels and a confidant physique kit. The GT-S had 135 horsepower in a 1990-1991 version.



Seventh Generation: 1993-1997

The seventh-generation Corolla, accessible usually in sedan and automobile styles in Canada, became some-more Camry-like in a design, and in fact changed adult in cabin distance to a compress shred while a Camry changed to midsize. Both 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre DOHC engines were offered. For 1997, a CE sedan finished countless renouned options for a special value-priced model. The timing seemed suitable to applaud Corolla apropos a best-selling automobile indication in story that year.



Eighth Generation: 1998-2002

The eighth-gen Corolla softened on a proven formula, with nonetheless some-more cabin room on a same wheelbase as a prior model. The redesigned unibody softened newcomer pile-up insurance and, notably, side airbags became available. A new all-aluminum 1ZZ-FE 1.8-litre DOHC four-cylinder engine debuted a Variable Valve Timing with comprehension (VVT-i) complement and done 120 horsepower with aloft fuel economy ratings.



Ninth Generation: 2003-2008

In a ninth-generation, Corolla got a bit longer and taller to emanate a roomiest cabin ever. A Corolla S indication sum sport-tuned cessation and special physique styling. With a 130-horsepower engine, a Corolla had an NRCAN-estimated sum fuel expenditure of 7.4 L/100 km with a five-speed primer delivery and 8.3 L/100 km with a four-speed automatic. As a pointer of a times, a centre console box could reason 14 compress discs.

For 2005, a performance-tuned Corolla XRS indication sum a high-revving 170-horsepower 2ZZ 1.8-litre engine from a Celica GT-S with a six-speed primer delivery and sport-tuned suspension.

“The levels of fit and finish are zero brief of remarkable,” commented Car Driver repository about a ninth-gen Corolla. By 2002, a Corolla had achieved 25 million sole worldwide.



10th Generation: 2009-2013

In a tenth-generation Corolla, a multi-faceted concentration on excellence resulted in what Motor Trend repository celebrated “must be a quietest automobile in a class, with reduction breeze sound than many oppulance cars.” The physique had a sleeker demeanour than before and was usually as roomy. The XRS indication returned, now with a 2.4-litre engine from a Camry for aloft torque and larger responsiveness in bland driving. With CDs commencement to fade, a higher-grade Corolla models charity Premium Audio with iPod connectivity, Bluetooth and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

Comfort and tech had turn aloft priorities for compress automobile buyers, and a Corolla thankful with a Premium package, that charity an accessible energy moonroof and an audio complement with AM/FM/six-disc CD changer, and navigation, satellite radio and 8 speakers.



11th Generation: 2014-2018

The 11th era Corolla debuted a chiseled new body. The back seat’s 1,051 mm of legroom exceeded that of many midsize and full-size sedans. All Corolla models now featured 8 customary airbags, including a new driver’s knee airbag and front newcomer chair pillow airbag. Critically, a 2017 Corolla came customary with Toyota Safety Sense-P, a sum reserve complement anchored by involuntary puncture braking and that bundled a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection; Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist; Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams.

Upgraded interior materials continued a reward feel, and a touchscreen audio complement featured Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity as standard. Automatic meridian control became customary on a LE class and above. The L and sporty S grades customary with a six-speed primer transmission, while a involuntary delivery was now a CVT to boost fuel economy. The Corolla LE Eco indication with Valvematic engine record had a sum fuel expenditure of usually 6.8 L/100 km. 



12th Generation: 2019-present

For 2019, a sporty hatchback returned to a line after a prolonged absence. For 2020, a Toyota Corolla line brought a new sedan with a lower, leaner, tauter look. Bigger news: a initial Corolla Hybrid Sedan debuted, apropos a fuel economy champ of a line with an strange NRCAN-estimated sum fuel expenditure of usually 4.5 L/100 km.

The Corolla Hatchback has a physique all a possess and channels a suggestion of a past Corolla GT-S and XRS opening models, interjection to a 169-horsepower 2.0-litre Dynamic Force engine and rev-matching intelligent six-speed primer transmission. This prohibited nonetheless rarely fit energy plant is also accessible in a Corolla sedan. And, while a Corolla Hybrid is a line’s fuel expenditure leader, a other models are potency experts, too, with a 2.0-litre models carrying an estimated sum fuel expenditure of 6.7 L/200 km.

The Corolla Sedan and Hatchback offer a Nightshade Special Edition, an XSE competition indication and a oppulance flavoured XLE grade. The Dynamic Shift CVT accessible for all models (except a Hybrid) uses a geared initial ratio for a softened opening feel and efficiency. The limited-availability Corolla Apex took opening to an even aloft turn with a confidant physique kit, track-developed cessation with obscure springs, lightweight 18-inch amalgamate wheels and a sport-tuned exhaust.


2021 CorollaAPEX


For 2022, a first-ever Corolla Cross joins a line, a new crossover with plenty space to tackle a city and easily versed with Toyota’s eminent comfort and tech features. All Corolla models are built on a Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) height for high levels of lively and safety. And all Corolla models underline customary Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 on all grades.



The Beat Goes On

After 50 million cars, a Toyota Corolla heads into a destiny charity stylish, agile, quiet, roomy, rarely fit models packed with a latest tech and reserve and prepared to write millions some-more personal stories around a globe. Toyota invites everybody with a Corolla story to share it regulating #MyCorollaStory.

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