TOYOTA GAZOO Racing wins Le Mans


TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jun 18, 2018 – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing won a 86th Le Mans 24 Hours, holding an ancestral initial feat during a 20th attempt.

Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Fernando Alonso in a #8 TS050 HYBRID started from stick position and took a checkered dwindle after 388 moving and mostly thespian laps during a Circuit de La Sarthe to extend their lead in a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López, who led for prolonged durations in a #7 TS050 HYBRID, done it a ideal outcome for TOYOTA with second place in front of 256,900 fans.

TOYOTA, that had entered 47 cars during Le Mans before to this weekend’s competition and finished on a lectern 6 times, becomes usually a second Japanese manufacturer to win during La Sarthe, while Kazuki is a initial Japanese motorist to win in a Japanese car.

The outcome is a perfection of heated and dynamic efforts by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing colleagues from Higashi-Fuji and perfume to ceaselessly raise a hybrid-electric technology, that won this weekend’s competition regulating 35% reduction fuel than in 2012, when it returned to continuation racing.

The dual TS050 HYBRIDs were uniformly matched via a 5,286km and substituted places several times during a competition that featured a share of play for a leaders.

Two stop-go penalties for a #8 car, compared to one for a sister car, compulsory an considerable night time army from Fernando to come behind into row on a day when all drivers achieved unusually in a high-pressure environment.

A late fuel emanate forsaken a #7 automobile off a lead path so Kazuki took a checkered dwindle for a #8 with a lead of dual laps. The #3 Rebellion finished third, 12 laps behind.

After a nine-week break, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will lapse to movement on 17-19 Aug with a 6 Hours of Silverstone, a third turn of a 2018-19 WEC season.

Akio Toyoda, President, TOYOTA Motor Corporation: “Finally, we won 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. Of march this is another step towards a subsequent plea so we would like to ask your continual support from now on too. Thank we unequivocally much. “Thank we for pushing all out!” Please let me approach these difference to a drivers, who gathering a cars for a longest stretch during Le Mans, finally in a 20th challenge. At a same time, we would like to contend a same to a cars, completing 388 laps, approximately 5,300 km. And “thank we unequivocally most for vouchsafing us and a drivers expostulate all out!” we wish to contend this to all fans who have upheld us for a prolonged time, a partners and suppliers who have battled together with us, and all a group members and a people associated to a team. we wish to demonstrate my frank appreciation to all.”

Hisatake Murata (Team President): “I am so unapproachable of everybody in a group for this result. It has been a dream to win Le Mans and finally we have achieved it. Thank we so most to everybody for their implausible tough work, group suggestion and never-give-up attitude. To win Le Mans for TOYOTA after so many frustrations and disappointments is a truly enchanting moment.”

Mike Conway (TS050 HYBRID #7): “It was an intense, tighten quarrel for a prolonged time; we were all shaken examination on TV. We were all out there to do a best we can though holding large risks. It’s been a prolonged race, lots of things changing. It shows that TOYOTA can build dual clever cars and we can competition hard. Congratulations to automobile #8, they had a good week and a good race. Our automobile fell brief though it’s a good group result.”

Kamui Kobayashi (TS050 HYBRID #7): “Congratulations to a automobile #8 organisation and a whole team. TOYOTA done a good pursuit to finish a competition though any automatic troubles; only amazing. We wanted to win of march though automobile #8 was unequivocally strong. This is continuation racing so we attempted to be protected and to conduct a car. In a finish both cars finished well. To be second and partial of a winning TOYOTA group creates me unequivocally happy.”

José María López (TS050 HYBRID #7): “I wish to honour automobile #8 and a whole team. we am unequivocally unapproachable of my #7 team, and Kamui and Mike; we gave it a all. We are here as 6 drivers though there are so many people behind us, operative so hard. This is a large feat for TOYOTA and that was a categorical aim this week. We had a satisfactory quarrel between a cars though to be means to move a prize behind to TOYOTA is fantastic.”


Sébastien Buemi (TS050 HYBRID #8): “This is unequivocally a biggest win of my career. we onslaught to realize it right now given in a final few laps we couldn’t forget 2016. To finally see a automobile channel a line was unequivocally special. All a credentials that goes into this day from everybody in a team, when we finally win it, it is something unequivocally large so we will suffer this. Congratulations as good to automobile #7 who did an extraordinary pursuit as well.”

Kazuki Nakajima (TS050 HYBRID #8): “It’s good to be here finally; it has been a prolonged time. we am roughly speechless. we had good team-mates and TOYOTA gave us a unequivocally clever car. We finished a competition though any emanate on both cars so we feel we all deserved to win a race. To win this competition has been a large dream for all of TOYOTA given 1985. There have been many people concerned in this plan so we am unapproachable to be here to paint all that effort.”

Fernando Alonso (TS050 HYBRID #8): “It has been amazing. We know how critical and iconic Le Mans is in a universe of motorsport and as a group we achieved an extraordinary result. Every impulse was a sign of how tough and prolonged this competition is, anything can occur so we attempted to govern a competition and stay calm. Happily all worked well. The competition was tough given a dual cars were unequivocally close, within one notation after 23 hours, so it was tough rival though satisfactory and unequivocally sporting. We wanted a one-two and we achieved that so we am unequivocally happy.”


Le Mans 24 Hours result:


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