Toyota Continues Role as Lead Automotive Innovator

Ann Arbor, Mich. (June 18, 2018) – In his residence to investors final month, Akio Toyoda spoke of transforming a association that bears his family name from an automaker into a mobility company. While that central change in instruction was a new announcement, Toyota’s engineers and scientists have been expanding their investigate and growth efforts to embody mobility solutions and record for several years. The formula of their continual alleviation of existent record and creation of new solutions has resulted in many advances. It has also generated a lot of patents. A lot.

How many is a lot? In 2017, Toyota was awarded 2,015 patents by a United States Patent and Trademark Office– a many of any automaker. In fact, this is a fourth year in a quarrel that Toyota has been awarded some-more patents than anyone else in a vehicle production space. But it’s not usually a automobile attention that Toyota is leading.


One of a tip obvious awardees in any industry.

Toyota’s engineers, researchers and scientists are constantly during work building all from breakthrough mobility record to modernized fuel dungeon systems. This work, and a ensuing patents, make Toyota one of a tip 14 many innovative companies on a IPO list, putting them in a association of record leaders like IBM, Apple and Microsoft.


A story of innovation

Toyota has always been an innovative company. In fact, Toyota’s start story starts when Sakichi Toyoda, father of Toyota owner Kiichiro Toyoda, was awarded a initial Toyoda obvious in 1891 for a weaving dawn design. By 1984, a initial year IPO published a Top Patents list, Toyota was already in a tip 25. Over a years, Toyota’s place on that list has varied, though given 2003, Toyota has been awarded some-more patents (14,215) than any other automaker.

While carrying a many patents is a good achievement, it is not Toyota’s goal. Their idea stays a same currently as it was when Sakichi Toyoda perceived a company’s really initial patent- To build things that urge society. Patents are simply justification of a tough work and creation along a way.