Toyota Aims to Increase a Mass-Production of Fuel Cell Stacks and Hydrogen Tanks by Tenfold to Get More Zero-Emissions Vehicles on a Road

  • New building during Honsha Plant in Japan will residence fuel dungeon smoke-stack production
  • Japan’s Shimoyama Plant to supplement new line dedicated to mass prolongation of high-pressure hydrogen tanks
  • Expansion of sales areas for fuel dungeon electric vehicles designed in Japan and overseas


Toyota City, Japan, May 24, 2018 ― Toyota sees tellurian sales of fuel dungeon electric vehicles (FCEV) augmenting significantly after 2020, to during slightest 30,000 per year from today’s 3,000. To prepared for this growth, a association denounced skeleton for dual vital new comforts today:

  • A mint building circuitously a strange vehicle bureau for expanding fuel dungeon smoke-stack (FC stack) mass prolongation during Toyota’s Honsha Plant in Japan; and
  • A new line in an existent plant to make high-pressure hydrogen tanks during Toyota’s Shimoyama Plant in Japan.

The fuel dungeon smoke-stack is what generates a on-board electricity from a chemical greeting between hydrogen and oxygen, that propels FCEVs and produces 0 emissions. The tanks store a hydrogen fuel. Manufacturing both components during scale is vicious to achieving revoke complement costs and wider accessibility for serve expansion and sales of FCEVs.

Expansion of prolongation facilities

To boost fuel dungeon smoke-stack output, Toyota will pierce prolongation to a brand-new, eight-floor high-tech trickery on a same premises as a stream plcae in an existent building during a Honsha Plant in Toyota City, circuitously a strange site of a company’s really initial vehicle bureau in 1938.

The prolongation of high-pressure hydrogen tanks will be rubbed by a new, dedicated line to be combined inside a circuitously Shimoyama Plant (No. 3) in Miyoshi City (Aichi Prefecture). The hydrogen tanks were formerly fabricated during a Honsha plant on a smaller scale. Toyota’s hydrogen tanks are done of extra-thick CO fiber and are built to withstand vital impacts.



Outline of a prolongation facilities

Expanding FCEV sales to some-more countries and regions

Construction of a new hydrogen tank line during Shimoyama is starting now. The extraneous for a new fuel dungeon smoke-stack prolongation trickery is already finished and work will now start on a interior. Details of a particular comforts will be announced during a after date with an aim to start operations around 2020.The new comforts are approaching to assistance significantly revoke CO2 emissions during a prolongation stage. This is one of a goals for a Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge in a Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 announced in Oct 2015.

As a technology, fuel cells are mature and prepared to be scaled up. Toyota took a lead in bringing a initial mass-produced fuel dungeon sedan, a Mirai, to marketplace in Dec 2014. Annual prolongation and sales have usually increased, going from about 700 units in 2015, to around 2,000 units in 2016, and approximately 3,000 units in 2017. However, in sequence to inspire some-more widespread use of hydrogen-powered zero-emission vehicles, popularization needs to start by a 2020s. Toyota aims for annual sales of FCEVs to tip 30,000 units globally by that time.

At present, Mirai is sole in 11 countries: Japan, a United States, and 9 countries in Europe. Its approaching attainment in Canada was also announced in Jan 2018. Toyota continues to assistance rise a marketplace that will concede FCEVs to be sole in some-more countries and regions in a future. As partial of this, proof tests of Mirai are now underneath approach in Australia, Canada, China, and a U.A.E., and Toyota is study a direct for FCEVs while stability to assistance with initiatives to foster hydrogen infrastructure development.

In a Japanese market, Toyota aims to strech sales of during slightest 1,000 FCEV units per month and over 10,000 units annually, commencement around 2020. Sales regions within Japan will be serve stretched from a stream 4 vital civil areas to concede even some-more business to suffer a Mirai.

On a blurb side, Toyota started sales of fuel dungeon buses to a Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Feb 2017, and introduced a final version, a Sora, in 2018 with 3 additional units. Toyota aims to sell during slightest 100 such buses forward of a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Toyota will continue to enhance a FCEV product operation and strengthen product appeal, aiming to move altogether costs down. Also, Toyota will keep operative with a Toyota Group and other companies to rise a hydrogen supply infrastructure and erect a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain. Through such initiatives, a association is actively contributing to a fulfilment of a hydrogen-based society.