Remember all the joys of trick or treating at Halloween? Popcorn balls, the guy who forgot to buy candy so he handed out donuts or loose change instead, stuffing your face with candy and hiding your favourite treats from your parents? Great memories, but just because we’re grown up it doesn’t mean we still can’t get into the spirit of the night!

Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or accompanying the kids as they make their rounds through the neighbourhood, the Ford Blue Blog has some dress-up ideas for you with our Top 3 list of car-lover costumes.

There’s still five days left until the big day, so you have plenty of time to get cracking on making (or buying) a costume similar to the ones below.

Odile dressed as Ken Block for Halloween

As you know, this is Blocktober on the Ford Blog, and it’s clearly inspired us. This is likely the easiest costume to pull off. Buy or rent a racecar driver outfit, which you can find in many stores that sell Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to wear big sunglasses and a cap with the Monster logo, just like Mr. Block. Or, in this case, Mrs. Block.

David as a car freshener

This costume will definitely keep you “fresh” on Halloween. It requires a little effort to put together, but will definitely score you some major points for originality.

What you need:

  • one large cardboard box
  • green spray paint
  • a box cutter
  • a printer
  • spray glue and string

Steps to follow:

  1. Breakdown box into a flat surface
  2. Trace out a tree shape and then cut it, using the box cutter
  3. Spray paint the tree
  4. Cut out hole for where your face will be
  5. Print labels and spray glue them to the tree
  6. Add string, and voila, you’re done.

Mark dressed as a classic Ford Mustang

OK, this costume was the hardest to make, but it’s definitely worth it. Ford Blog editor Mark McKay channeled his inner Steve McQueen while wearing this getup inspired by the legendary Mustang from the 1968 film Bullitt. Pretty cool, eh? And don’t worry, you don’t need an engineering degree to make this.

What you need: 

  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • awl
  • marker
  • photos of desired car
  • cardboard boxes
  • self locking zip ties
  • tape – clear, chrome, tuck black electric
  • adhesive spray
  • spray paint

Steps to follow:

  1. Tape up boxes
  2. Trace car shape
  3. Fold cardboard to desired shape using zip ties to hold in place. Use awl to make holes and tape to cover zip ties
  4. Draw car details – windows, lights, etc.
  5. Cut out windows, lights, etc. (Save cut out windows to trace for chrome detailing)
  6. Tape on 3D detailing, using tuck tape
  7. Make all cardboard detailing chrome, tires
  8. Spray paint chrome, tires and body of the car
  9. Using a spray adhesive, attach all cardboard detailing (excluding tires; these are last)
  10. Make all paper detailing and attach with spray adhesive
  11. Use chrome electric tape for detailing. Black marker to highlight raised details
  12. Attach tires
  13. Suspenders can be used for a hands-free costume

So, which of these costumes is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below. Happy Halloween!